APM Terminals Liberia posts significant result with Cargo deliveries

MONROVIA — A month after launching the Port Automation and Digitization system (PAD), APM Terminals Liberia is already recording milestones in the efficiency of the system.

For the first time ever, 210 import containers were delivered in a day to customers, a feat which occurred on the September 22, 2022. The direct result of this for the economy is that essential goods such as food, medicine, construction materials and other products will be available faster on the market.

Commenting on this achievement and its importance for trade in Liberia, Minister of Commerce, Minister Mawine Diggs said that continuous improvement in container deliveries at the Port has ripple effect for a vibrant Liberia market and trade industry.
“Our goal at the Ministry of Commerce & Industry is to enhance trade facilitation and support the delivery of President Weah’s pro poor agenda. Therefore, we are glad to see goods moving from trading to market as this will reduce the overall cost of doing business, and subsequently minimize the financial burden placed on Liberian traders and consumers. We are hopeful that this process will continue to improve and boost trade development in the years to come” Minister Diggs said.

This process was championed by the company’s Customer Care Supervisor, Mr. Arthur Moore who together with his team spent many hours training and providing support to customers to ensure they are well versed in the new system. This achievement is due to the dedication and hard work of the APM Terminals Liberia Customer Care team whose aim is to continuously deliver improved services to its customers.
“Embracing the challenges today and turning them into opportunities that attract improvement do not only make our customers happy but promote the economic growth of our country.” Mr. Moore remarked.

APM Terminals Liberia in partnership with the Liberia Revenue Authority launched a full roll out of the Port Automation and Digitization project in August intended to improve the ease of doing business at the Port.

With the PAD system already showing impact on container deliveries and customer experience, it is expected that the company will continuously post positive results which will ultimately impact on the Liberian business community and the final consumer.

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