A Liberian Entrepreneur to Launch Susu App in the United States

MONROVIA — A young Liberian entrepreneur, Jacob Roland, is expected to launch My Susu App in April 2021 and will be preceded by an App launch event on Saturday, March 27th.

This initiative, according to Roland, founder and CEO of My Susu Inc. is a way of bringing sustainable community-oriented financial networks to people residing in America who have struggled to save.

Roland said, “My Susu Inc, will be hosting a launch and program for its mobile app, to be held on March 27 at 12:00 PM EDT New York time”.

My Susu Inc., according to Roland, “leverages financial technology and globally proven community-savings methods to help users meet their financial goals and begin their path towards sustainable financial security”. 

Roland said “it’s an effort to educate, empower, and transparently serve users of the App. My Susu Inc. has adopted unique methods of relationship management that create an approachable and user-friendly experience for all”.

“The way its business is structured, My Susu can only succeed when its clients do – so it will always provide users with the tools necessary to realize their best financial future,” Roland said.

“Members of the team have held several Q&A Sessions to answer questions about the service, application, or website ” he added.

“Susu groups, more traditionally referred to as rotational savings groups in the U.S., have helped lift hundreds of thousands of people out of desperate financial situations in countries all over the world, and our founders have seen this firsthand”. Roland Said

Roland says he’s determined to Effectively, be a help to Americans with the launch of his new app.

“Rotational savings groups function through the agreement of several individuals to make financial contributions to a pot that one member receives the total sum of at the end of each predetermined cycle. The recipient then changes on a rotating basis, until every member has received at least one lump-sum,” he added.

“With the appropriate technology, accountability structures, and support, Roland said the team at My Susu Inc. fully believes that Susu groups can become an incredibly powerful tool for communities in the U.S., particularly due to some of their current disadvantages such as access to financial capital, credit and more.

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