Grateful Givers, Inc a not-for-profit organization in Dover, DE USA is looking for a general contractor.Job location: St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Upper Buchanan, Grand Bassa county, Liberia

Primary Function and Mission

Grateful Givers, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded for the purpose of collaborating with various institutions in the restoration of dilapidated schools and churches, sponsorship of children and providing clean drinking water in Buchanan Liberia, West Africa with Its motto is building lives… embracing the community. The master plan calls for numerous refinements on the facility and the campus, for a future of expanded ministry, making this a more welcoming and efficient place of ministry.

Objective: To conduct a multi-part renovation plan for St. Andrews Episcopal Church – Upper Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Liberia. While ensuring building lives and embracing the community,


Contractor shall construct, repair, and replace the items identified in a multi-part master renovation plan as described below:

  1. Church Renovation:
    1. Renovation of the sanctuary will include the interior and exterior shells of the structure.
    1. The interior walls will be repaired as needed and repainted; the exterior of the building will be either pressure washed or painted with a special paint formulated for brick structure.
    1. All the windows will be replaced with stained-glass windows, and the doors will be replaced and painted.
    1. The floor will be treated ceramic tiles throughout the building.
    1. The overhead ceiling will be overhauled and painted as needed.
    1. The electrical and lighting systems will be upgraded to included either a short or long pendant lighting (ceiling Lights).
  2. The Roof: will be entirely replaced.
  3. Rest room: Plumbing systems will be installed to accommodate brand new rest rooms to be installed.
  4. Pew Replacement: New pews with upholstered kneelers and bookracks will be provided (the number of pews to be determined.
  5. The monument: in the front of the church will be power washed and repainted.
  6. The bell and the bell tower: To be restored to working order.
  7. Drilling of Well: drilling of a well with a sustained water flow or system to connect a water tower
  8. Fence: Fence to be constructed around the church’s property
  • Expected Deliverables
  • The church’s interior and exterior fully refurbished as indicated
  • The roof entirely replaced
  • A modern restroom with an effective plumbing system built
  • Completed pews with upholstered kneelers and bookracks
  • The church’s monument is washed and repainted tidily
  • Bell and bell tower restored to working order
  • Well drilled and very functional for water tower installation
  • Fence fully completed
  • Duration of Work
  • The duration for completion of the renovation of St. Andrew’s is One (1) Year
  • Essential – Minimum Required Competencies and Experience
  • In-depth knowledge in masonry, carpentry, plumbing, and concrete work is highly required.
  • Experience in renovation of public buildings especially churches
  • Ability to communicate clearly and on time
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in construction
  • Please note the following:
  • All candidates will be vetted and only candidates who meet the organization’s criteria will be considered.
  • Only short-listed construction company or firms will be contacted
  • Selected construction company or firms will report directly to the board of Grateful Givers, Inc in Monrovia.
  • Further instructions will be provided in the tender dossier.

Safety Measures

Adhere to all government’s health and safety policies, procedures, and regulations.

How to apply: Please submit letter of application along with 3 references as well as proof of registration and license. All interested candidates should send an email to [email protected], [email protected]  [email protected]

Deadline for submission of applications is October 11, 2021.

NOTE: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted