Prison Fellowship to Launch Prisoners Tracking Software


Monrovia – Prisons in Liberia could be on a path of reforms a local Non-Governmental Organization is preparing to launch the nation’s first prison software to keep track of prisoners languishing behind bars across the country.

The Executive Director of the Prison Fellowship of Liberia, Rev. Francis S. Kollie, says his organization is going to institute reforms at the various prisons.

“In a week from now—in the history of Liberia—we are going to be launching a robust software that is going to reform the prisons,” he says.

 “Such software is going to capture every inmate that enters into the prison. It will tell you how long they have been there. And if the inmates have stayed over thirty days or more, that software will show highlights that this inmate needs to go to court—that’s the kind of reform we are talking about”, Kollie adds.

The Executive Director of PFL made this discourse at the Head office of the Prison Fellowship Liberia on SKD Boulevard when he was certificated as National Human Rights and Prison Reform Activist of the year 2015 by a civil society group, Progressive Advocates for Sustainable Development Incorporated (PROASUDE).

Receiving his flowers, the Prison Fellowship of Liberia Executive Director noted that the recognition to his organization came at a time when Liberia is at a crossroad. He noted that about a week ago the U.S. State Department launched its yearly report on Africa and Liberia is no exception.

“In that report of the US State Department, it is quoted that Liberia still has long way to go in reform process. In that report, one of the things that breaks my heart and mind is the very justice system in our country which we think is still far away for the real access to justice that we talk about in the world.

Liberia is still far away. While it is making progress in some areas, we think that the justice system or the effort of Liberia is still far away from advancing true justice.” Rev. Kollie noted.

He added: “When we talk about true justice, we want the people in the very leeward counties to be able to access the courts. As we speak, there are counties that there is no court director. There’s even not a Police station.

There is even not a rehabilitation center. We are looking to the days where each and every county will have a rehabilitation center for every prison. In that case, every person that is incarcerated, once they come out, they can come out reformed.”

He thanked the organization for the recognition, saying it motivates his team go beyond what is expected.

Presenting the certificate, the Advocates Officer of the PROASUDE, A. Reginald Bates, said the award is based on Rev. Kollie’s robust and industrious oversight role during the past year as director of the PFL.

J.H. Webster Clayeh (0886729972)[email protected]