Harbel College Hails First Lady As Africa’s Women Football Ambassador


Harbel, Margibi County – Harbel College has expressed confidence in Liberia’s First Lady Clar Weah for her preferment by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) as Ambassador for women football.

Madam Weah CAF was honored at the first ever CAF Women’s Football Symposium in Marrakech, Morocco on March 6, 2018. 

And Harbel College (HARCO), which is based in Firestone, Margibi County with sports academy for women, sees the honor bestowed on the First Lady as a boost for women development through football in the country. 

HARCO President, Dr. Syrulwa Somah says his administration is “elated and hopeful” that the development of sports for women will take an improved trend in the country. 

“We are very happy that we have a First Lady who has the zest to work for Liberian women development and we are very optimistic that she will turn her attention to women that are showing interest in football, especially the young ones,” he said. 

Dr. Somah is optimistic that Liberian female footballers can realize their full potential for the development of the country through sports.  

Since its establishment, HARCO has implemented programs to working with the youth students for their development and inclusive growth, especially using soccer/football to lure young women into engineering.   

“The intent of the Women Sports Academy and college preparatory program since 2015, is to create environments where practitioners take the lead in collaboratively studying and piloting effective, developmentally informed practices that prepare females and youth for college, beginning at early age,” says Dr. Somah. 

The college also offers to advance education and academic research at the highest level in the areas of Agribusiness, Information Technology, Renewable Energy and Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Architectural Engineering, Liberian Studies, Disaster and Emergency Management, Environmental Health, Occupational Safety & Health, Management, Nursing, Special Education, Primary and Secondary Education, Public Administration. 

The College’s Liberian Studies (BA degree program) targeting high school principals, police, and military personnel is tuition free. 

The core of the college’s mission is to improve theory and practice based on entrepreneurship to prepare graduates concerned with education and training that enable youth and adults to be self-employed if full-time employment by both government and private entities is impossible, Dr. Somah said, adding that the college education model is an investment that the whole nation can capitalize on to empower the potential of the future generations.