Youth Group Supports Boakai’s Presidential Bid With LD$600K


Monrovia – Vice President Joseph Boakai says he is overwhelmed by financial support he is getting from his supporters aimed at beefing up activities leading to his quest for the Liberian presidency.

Report by Willie N. Tokpah – [email protected]

VP Boakai described the support from individual supporters and group as a way of changing the tendencies of begging and thanking societal stakeholders to embarking on self-initiatives.

“Sometimes we get tired of every time you sit across the table, you either begging people or thanking people.”

“That’s all we do, beg and thank, when God has endowed us with everything that we need,” he said.

He registered that Liberians are gifted with lots of talents and the need to tap on these abilities in enabling them contribute to Liberia.

The Vice President was speaking over the weekend when a group of supporter under the banner “Movement for the Presidency of Ambassador Joseph Boakai” presented the total of LD$600,000 as their contributing to his Presidential bid, VP Boakai said.

Boakai noted that the gesture by his supporters came as a surprise and demonstrates one of the rousing moments in his life.

“This is one of the most rousing moments in my life because I didn’t expect it.”

“If this doesn’t say that something is happening in Liberia, I don’t know what to say, because some people we haven’t met made a decision all by themselves.”

“We have the belief that God is moving,” Boakai averred.

According to him, the financial support from the group follows similar financial endowments from over 40 professionals about a month ago.

The professionals reportedly made a contribution of LD$250,000 in support of his candidacy.

“A few days ago, two young men, the late Peter Banks who was at the Ministry of Education, children whom I have never met before, came and made a contribution of 250,000 Liberia Dollars; today we are seeing young people who are not really employed making contributions out of their own will,” Boakai asserted.

VP Boakai further expressed gratefulness over the move by his supporters, which he believes is geared at uplifting and transforming Liberia for the future of its citizens.

In spite of ongoing construction of roads in some rural areas including his native homeland Lofa, the Liberian Presidential hopeful said Liberia can develop if Liberians believe in themselves.

He at the same time pointed out that capacity building for Liberians especially in disadvantaged sectors would completely solve the issue of unemployment and also enhance development.

Giving financial support to VP Boakai over the weekend in Paynesville, the Chairman of the Movement for the Presidency of Ambassador Joseph Boakai, MOPAJOB K. Yohn Voker said their move is in a positive direction for which Liberia and its citizens would benefit.

“We the members of the movement for the presidency of Joseph Boakai have gathered here today to join the many well-meaning Liberians to make public and official our support to Joseph Boakai for the presidency. 

We are pleased to provide him the amount of six hundred thousand Liberian Dollars,” Voker said.

Voker noted the group has vetted several candidates and observed that VP Boakai is the right choice for the Liberia’s highest seat.

Meanwhile, Voker has pledged the group’s commitment to work tirelessly in ensuring that VP Boakai wins the Liberian presidency come October.