VP Boakai, Nuquay Support For Liberia’s Presidency Swells


Boakai, Nuquay Support For Liberia’s Presidency Swells

Monrovia – As the campaign for the 2017 Presidential and Representatives Elections heats up across Liberia, Unity Party Presidential Candidate and his vice Ambassador Joseph Boakai and James Emmanuel Nuquay continue to receive overwhelming support ahead of the October polls.

Speaking during a news conference, the Secretary General of the group under the banner “Comrades of Nuquay” sounded a warning by saying “The year 2017 will go deep down in history, as Liberians prepares to vote new leadership for a smooth transition after the October 10, 2017 Presidential and Representatives elections”. 

The comrades of Nuquay, according to Nyanpen, were launched in Monrovia to intellectually propagate the Boakai- Nuquay Ticket for a better Liberia come 2018.

He said that comrades of Nuquay is the conglomeration of proficient and effective communicators from different political orientations who share ideological similarities regarding the forward march of Liberia and consider Ambassador Joseph Boakai and Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay as the best Ticket for the holistic transformation of our beloved Republic.

“We are prepared to intellectually disseminate the real information about Ambassador Joseph Boakai and Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay across the country regarding their individual leadership experience and ability to lead or administer the affairs of our country for the next six years, and to react to all negative propaganda meted against them in any fashion”. 

The Comrades of Nuquay chief scribe Jerry Nyumah Nyanpen further indicated.

Mr. Nyanpen said their goal to generate massive public support for a one round victory for Boakai and Nuquay come October 10, remains unbending and uncompromising. 

He further sounded a strong worded warning that the Comrades of Nuquay is warning all those in the constant habit of negatively discussing the incoming President and Vice President to take cognizance of the fact an intellectual no fly zone has been created to intellectually bring down all intellectual puppets across the country.