Vice President Boakai Concedes Defeat in Runoff Election


Monrovia – Liberia’s Vice President and standard-bearer of the Unity Party has congratulated president-elect George Weah for winning the December 26, 2017 presidential runoff election.

Report by Bettie Johnson-Mbayo, [email protected]

Boakai, flanked by members of the Unity Party, told journalists late Friday morning in Monrovia that he offered to Senator Weah, a hand of goodwill, friendship and gratitude for a historic contest.

Said Boakai: “A while ago, I called Ambassador Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change, to congratulate him on emerging as the winner in the presidential contest. I also availed myself to help him in any way he finds me useful to advance the good of our country.”

The UP standard bearer said Liberia is at the historic crossroad, and called on Liberians to remain “cognizant of the extent to which elections are conflict-prone and have the potential to destroy nations, disintegrate families and undermine the sanctity of a nation”.

He said the history of the nation is characterized by some disturbing episodes of fraudulent electoral processes and the attendant consequences, “Notable among them”, he added, are “the presidential election of 1927 and 1985, the outcomes of which were rejected, thereby engendering conflict which occasioned the loss of lives and protracted fratricidal national conflict.”

“My worth and ambition to serve will never push me to stoop low to violence.”

“The truth of the matter is that what I’m seeking was not the power or title, but instead an opportunity to serve. My love for country is more profound and intrinsic than my desire for the presidency,” he said.

The National Elections Commission (NEC), on Wednesday December 28 announced 98.1% of the total number of total polling places from across the entire country with the numbers comprehensively declaring George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) winner of the runoff election.

NEC Chairman Jerome Kokorya announced that Weah had accumulated 720,023 votes, which amounts to 61.5% while Boakai earned 451,088 representing 38.5%.

After conceding defeat to Weah, VP Boakai called on his supporters and well-wishers of the Unity Party to support peace, collectively join hands to build Liberia, heal wounds and serve the people with honesty as well as a renewed dedication and commitment.

“Let us put the election and the acrimony occasioned by it behind us and close ranks to push this nation to its rightful place within the comity of nations,” he said.

“I value all of you and hereby urge you to demonstrate that Liberia can be a better country. As I have so frequently urged, we must subordinate our personal ambition and interests to the good of all and love for our country.”

He then appreciated the years he has been serving as Vice President and the “privilege of serving with utmost dedication and integrity”.

“I so dearly cherish my service to this country and for that let me express my gratitude to the people of Liberia for according me that noble opportunity to serve my country,” he said, adding he’s aware that “UP supporters are disappointed by the result of the election” but he asked them to be “consoled by the fact that it was a collective fight.”

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