Vice President Boakai Rallies Supporters to Vote in Dec. 26 Runoff


Monrovia – Vice President Joseph  Nyuma Boakai and Standard Bearer of the ruling Unity Party (UP) has rallied his fellow partisans, supporters and well wishers to get out on Tuesday, December 26, and vote for him in the runoff.

Veep Boakai’s UP locks horns with Senator George Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), which the most votes in the first round of the October 10 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Twenty candidates, including Mr. Weah and the Vice President, had vied for the nation’s highest office with the Veep’s UP coming second to CDC, automatically qualifying both parties to go into the runoff election.

Speaking at the close of his party’s run-off campaign activities on Sunday night at his UP headquarters in Oldest Congotown, Monrovia, the Veep, who sounded very upbeat urged his thousands of supporters, who included partisans of other collaborating parties, to celebrate their Christmas Day in a way that would enable them to be ready to vote on Tuesday for him and his running mate, House Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay.

“As I  travelled all across the country on the campaign trail, I see that our people want improvement in their statuses.”

“They want better roads, electricity, pipeborne water. We are prepared to provide these things,” the Veep, who spoke extemporaneously, stressed.

He told the thousands of supporters, who were mainly young people, that the decision is now theirs to remain with the status quo or to vote for better education and job employment and empowerment, among others.

The UP Standard Bearer urged all his partisans and supporters to remain peaceful.

Before the Veep had spoken, he was introduced by his wife of 45 years, who hugged and kissed him as she led him to the podium to address the multitude.

Mrs. Katumu Boakai said, “I have known my husband, the father of my children, my brother, my friend for the last 47 years. I know him very well.”

“You can be assured you that whatever promises he makes tonight, I will always be there as your mother to remind him,” Mrs. Boakai promised.

Other speakers of the occasion included Gospel musician Kanvee G. Adams, former Labor Minister Kofi Woods, former Maryland County lawmaker John Ballout, Monstserrado County Senator Geraldine Doe Sheriff, UP Chairman Wilmot Paye and Campaign Manager, former Foreign Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan.