University of Liberia Students Union Will Endorse No Candidate


Monrovia – As the spree of endorsements rocks the entire election period, many organizations including segment grouping of the students community have endorsed several candidates but the University of Liberia Students Union (ULSU) is going against the trend.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayeh [email protected]

The Students leadership of the University of Liberia has on numerous occasions solicited funds from many politicians to help in aiding students at the State-run University.

In return, many politicians in these times of elections will also be depending on the University of Liberia students to reap what they have sowed over the years.

Unfortunate for them (politicians), the President of ULSU Jerome D. Barnard says they would prefer holding debates to endorsing candidates.

“ULSU will not endorse any candidate”, ULSU President Barnard said in a vigorous tone.

“As a responsible student’s government, we will organize a debate among presidential candidates as a means to sell their platforms to the students of the University of Liberia.”

Also, as the National campaign gets in its second week, the President of the University of Liberia Students Union has called on every Liberians to reflect on the painful experiences of the civil war and refrains from every activity that is intended to undermine the peace and stability that the country has enjoyed over the past 14 years.

Barnard added: “It is our hope that the international community including, ECOWAS, AU, the United Nations and all well-meaning partners to Liberia will impress on the National Election Commission, the Supreme Court of Liberia, and all participating political parties to ensure that there would be free, fair and transparent election.”

Since 1944, when President Edwin J. Barclay turned over authority to Williams V.S. Tubman, Liberia has not had the chance to experience a smooth transfer of power.

For that, the ULSU President added that young people should not be used by any politician as agents of what he refers to as ferocious violence.