Unity Party Demands National Elections Commission to Clean Up Voters Roll


Monrovia – The ruling Unity Party has astoundingly announced that it stands in solidarity with all other political parties including, the Liberty Party (LP), Alternative National Congress (ANC), the All Liberia Party (ALP), and stakeholders who have raised concerns about “acts of irregularities and Fraud” at some polling places.

Report by Henry Karmo, [email protected]

The UP statement comes amidst accusing fingers being pointed at them by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for stealing votes.

At a news conference Monday at his residence in Paynesville, the UP Standard Bearer, Vice President Joseph Boakai said, UP too, have been gathering reports from some of its field agents pointing to some anomalies and electoral management inefficiencies, which prevented some of their supporters and citizens from exercising their constitutional right to vote.

The UP standard bearer is also demanding the National Election Commission to clean up and re-publish the final voter registration Roll to enable voters ascertain well in advance the inclusion of their names on the Final Voter Roll and the specific precincts and polling centers where they can vote.

“We believe this will reduce the confusion and the long delay voters experienced before casting their ballots.

“We have consulted our team of legal and technical experts who have examined the veracity and magnitude of these reports in order to decide on the proper course of action consistent with the laws of Liberia.

“Meanwhile, we call on the National Elections Commission (NEC) and other responsible stakeholders in the process to expeditiously review these concerns that are being raised by multiple parties with the view to taking the appropriate actions to protect the integrity and sanctity of the Liberian electoral system,” Boakai said.

Consolidating the Gains

He also said that as articulated in the UP Platform, “Consolidating the Gains and Building a Prosperous Liberia”, his overarching focus as president of Liberia will be infrastructure improvement across the 15 counties of Liberia with greater emphasis on road construction and connectivity.

He promised not rest until all counties and major cities are connected by paved roads.

“We intend to consolidate the culture of democracy and openness that has now become a permanent fixture of our post-war reality.”

“We will continue to promote a liberalized democratic space where political differences are resolved not through the force of arms but through the will of the people as expressed through their votes.

We will uphold the basic freedoms as enshrined in our Constitution, including freedom of association and of the press.

In order to remain true to its agenda of Thinking, Loving and Building Liberia, UP said it intends to build a health care delivery system in Liberia that will be good and affordable enough to respond to the medical needs of all.

The Government under Boakai presidency also intends to invest more heavily in education, especially in technical vocational education, which he believes will help in no small measure to prepare   young people for the job market. 

“We intend to improve the Liberian educational system to the point where a Liberian school is good enough for the child of a rubber tapper as it is for the child of a government minister.

The  VP of 12 years under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf further stated that he intends to lead a Liberia where Liberians are at the front and center of the economy and will not hesitate to give whatever incentives, holidays and waivers to Liberian entrepreneurs and their businesses in order to enable their growth and expansion.

“Improving efficiencies at all our custom ports through enhanced automation and streamlining of processes will also be emphasized.

Even more so is our plan to stimulate the creation of public corporations and private concessions, like mining companies, in which Liberians will hold significant shares. “

“This will be a sure means of creating ownership, empowerment, and wealth for our own citizens in companies extracting resources,” Boakai said

Like his boss for the past 12 years who promised to make corruption the “public enemy number,” in her government but failed to fight corruption terming it a “vampire,” VP Boakai has also promised to wage a more effective battle against corruption by not only strengthening the integrity institutions but by taking practical actions to improve trust of the people in their government.

He intends to lead by example and will expect everyone working in his government to do likewise.

“Leading by example will ensure that government resources will go primarily to the true priorities of our country – roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and improved salaries for soldiers, police, immigration and other security personnel, nurses and doctors, teachers and all other civil servants.”

Government of Inclusion

Described by many as an experience and humble character, Boakai said he intends to lead a Liberia that is united and truly reconciled, a Liberia where the true worth of the citizen is not judged by his or her party, tribe, county, religion, gender, or age.

The only question that will truly matter under a Joseph Boakai Government will be, “What can you do to make our country move forward?”

We therefore call on all Liberians, members of political parties, and non-members of political parties to join us on this project of putting Liberia first.