‘CDC Will Accept Nothing Less Than Timely Return to Democratic Electoral Process’


Monrovia – The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) along with its collaborating political parties will accept nothing less than a timely return to the democratic electoral processes, the opposition political party said in a statement Wednesday, November 8th.

Report by Henry karmo – [email protected] 

According to Professor Das Ansu Sonii, CDC campaign spokesman, they believe that if the runoff election is not held to permit smooth transition of power as required by the Constitution, the attending situation could ultimately draw the nation into an unnecessary crisis.

“CDC and its collaborating political parties maintain that the Constitution of Liberia should not be compromised,” he emphasized.

“The Coalition remains committed to a smooth democratic constitutional transition.”

“Any attempt to hijack this process through political artifice, scheming and filibustering, will be rejected by this Coalition of opposition parties in no uncertain terms. 

The party’s campaign spokesman further stated that while they await the timely fulfillment of the mandate of the Supreme Court to NEC, they called on their partisans, supporters and allies to remain peacefully engaged, law abiding; and ignore all provocations.

“The victory of the CDC can only be delayed, but cannot be denied.”

He also said that being true to their word, they have pledged their renewed commitment to a peaceful, non-violent electoral process, and a timely conclusion thereof, as required by the Constitution and laws of Liberia.

He stressed, however, “Notwithstanding, the CDC and its collaborating political parties will not countenance any extra-constitutional, undemocratic governance arrangement at the expiration of the current Unity Party Administration.”

He used the occasion to call on the Mano River Union (MRU), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union (AU), the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) to take note of unfolding developments relating to the current electoral process, and do all to ensure that Liberia’s fledgling multiparty democracy is reinforced.

“Once again, we implore the international community, to stand on the side of democracy, with the people of Liberia, so that the ongoing electoral process is successfully and timely brought to a constitutional conclusion, and a government for the people; by the people; and, of the people, is elected and inaugurated,” he said.

Meanwhile, CDC has said while it respects the decision of the Supreme Court of Liberia, placing a stay order or prohibition on the runoff election, all stakeholders, including NEC, must act timely, in setting back on course the electoral process and get the runoff election concluded, reflective of the wishes and aspirations of the Liberian people.

“We make this call in the interest of the country, and for the general good of the people.”

“This is a matter of national urgency needed to avert unanticipated consequences that could attend our failure to do so.”