Supporters of George Weah Storm Monrovia’s Street to Celebrate Victory


Monrovia – Hundreds of supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) late Thursday, December 28, evening stormed the streets of Monrovia following the National Elections Commission’s (NEC) announcement of preliminary results.

The CDC’s result puts George Weah far ahead of his rival, Vice President Joseph Boakai, in the Presidential Runoff Election.

It is not now very clear that Senator Weah will be declared the winner of the runoff election looking at the results that are in now and the one that is yet to come in.

The results from NEC have set the stage for Liberia’s first peaceful democratic transition of power since 1944.

The President-elect, Ambassador George Weah, has attempted the presidency twice with him winning his second attempt.

Senator Weah defeated Vice President Joseph Boakai in the runoff election.

Announcing the official results of the runoff election, NEC Chairman Jerome George Korkoya stated that Mr. Weah, with more than 90 percent of votes counted, is in the lead ahead of Veep Boakai.

Senator Weah has already taken 61.5 percent of the more than one million votes tallied, while Vice President Joseph Boakai takes 38.5 percent.

Senator Weah’s lead prompted his supporters to take to the streets of Monrovia in jubilation chanting pro-Weah and anti-Boakai slogans as they paraded the major streets of Monrovia.

Supporters were heard saying, “Your leave us oh that George Weah we want;” “sleepy Boakai go sleep,’ and “he knows book he na know book, that George Weah we want.”

Critics of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf have described Veep Boakai as victim of her “sins” she committed against the Liberian people, something many believed hampered the chances of Boakai from winning the CDC.

Larry Brooks, a strong critic of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and staunch member of UP, congratulated Weah for his victory following the announcement.

Brooks said his party did not play its card well, something that led to their defeat.

“CDC played its card well and they have won; Liberia has won. Why can’t we celebrate and congratulate them for their victory over us? I can safely say Weah is the next President without fair,” he noted.

Many believed that President Sirleaf’s regime mismanaged the resources of Liberia.

Moima Kamara in her jubilant mood for Weah said government did not deliver on its promises and has failed the Liberian people.

“Look at us as a people of this rich nation, poverty remains rife while corruption is the order of the day, government officials steal our money and go scotch free,” she noted.

With all of the criticisms meted against President Sirleaf, some Liberians have praised her leadership for keeping the peace.

“We applaud her for keeping our people and country peaceful and for also making space for free speech in the entire country,” Layah Mensah noted.

A Liberian journalist, Julius Kullie Kanubah, feels that Weah’s election to the presidency has afforded him the opportunity to make difference in the lives of struggling Liberians.

“To President-elect Weah and the CDC, you have a huge opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the struggling poor and our underdeveloped country. Your first step should be to commission a fiscal audit of the Johnson-Sirleaf administration. Johnson-Sirleaf and the Unity Party need to account for the 12 years of governance,” he wrote on his facebook page.