‘Regrettable, Shameful’: Cummings Bemoans Hardship in Liberia


Monrovia – Liberia Presidential hopeful Alexander Cummings has frowned at the current economic hardship faced by Liberians, noting that it runs contrary to vision set forth by the country’s forefathers 169 years ago.

Willie N. Tokpah – [email protected]

Mr. Cummings said it was frustrating that the ongoing hardship faced by citizens had unfortunately become an accepted way of life.

He wants Liberians to demand and expect better.

“Over the past years as I travelled the length and breadth of our country, I’ve been inspired by the resilience tenacity, creativity, industriousness and hardworking nature of the Liberian People.

I, therefore, believed even more strongly that we can create a Liberia we deserve,” said Cummings in his year-end message.

Cummings believed one of the important gifts Liberians can give themselves is good governance with respect for the rule of law, peaceful coexistence, and reconciliation as well as love of the country, trust and honesty.

“No jewel is as priceless as leaders in all walks of life who work for the benefit of the people they lead. the relationship between the leaders of Liberia and those they serve should always be guided by the spirit of the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” Cummings said.

The Alternative National Congress Political leader believed only a joint collaboration of all Liberians can change the economic system that continued to bring hardship on the life of citizens.

Cummings told FrontPage Africa over the weekend that Liberia is not any smaller than every other country in the world and there is no justification for the country’s underdeveloped status.

He termed as regrettable and shameful Liberia’s move to its 51st electoral year with not many tangible benefit to show. The ANC Political leader wants citizens in the country to use the 2017 election as a new beginning to uplifting Liberia.

This, he maintains, will serve as a milestone for Liberians to achieve which he said can only be achieved if all citizens put Liberia first in the impending general and presidential elections.

“Let all Liberians within and without therefore, put forth the extra effort require to encourage and admonish our relative, colleagues and friends to make the 2017 election about Liberia First,” Cumming said.

In the meantime, Cummings attributed Liberia challenging economy to emerging market that has diversities of prices, insisting that the 2017 election provides an opportunity for Liberians to rethink and find of new way to improve the country and its people.

According to Cummings, he’s been continually inspired by Liberians through their creativity and lifestyle, adding that this can be more important if each citizen can use their creativity to change the country.

“I travel around Liberia and continue to be motivated by Liberians and today you have made me believed that we can change Liberia.”

“I continue to be inspired by Liberians, their energy, their creative lifestyle and whatever little you can do is what will change this country and it is not good enough to complain and criticized though is sometimes important but the involvement of everyone is necessary,” the ANC Political leader asserted.

Cummings has therefore encouraged Liberians across the country to register during the pending voters’ registration exercise in Liberia.