President George Weah Makes New Appointments to Government


Monrovia – President George Manneh Weah has made additional appointments to government including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Liberia Water and Sewer, National Port Authority, amongst others.

Environmental Protection Agency

Nathaniel Blama         –          Executive Director

National Disaster Management Agency

Henry O. Williams        –        Executive Director

Liberia Telecommunication Authority

Ivan Brown      –  Commissioner for Engineering & Technology (E&T)

Israel Akinsanya    Commissioner for Government and Consumer Affairs

Liberia Refugee Repatriation & Resettlement Commission

Rev Fetus R. B. Logan     –  Executive Director

Ministry of Youth & Sports

Peter S. Bemah  –   Deputy Minister/TVET

Isaac Doe – Deputy Minister/Youth Development

James Toe – Assistant Minister/Sports

National Housing Authority

Duannah Siryon   –   Managing Director

National AIDS Commission

Theodosius Juahgbe Kolee   –  Commissioner for Decentralization

Ministry of Agriculture

Dr. Magarnas  Flomo  –   Minister

Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephas    –  Deputy Minister – Regional Development, Research & Extension

Precious Tetteh  – Assistant Minister/Administration

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Morris Siryon –  Assistant Minister for Commerce & Industry

Liberia Business Registry

Samson Dee  –  Director

Nora T. Wreh  –  Deputy Director

Liberia National Fire Service

Bishop Alex Dixon  –  Director

Gabriel Nmah Sr.  –  Deputy Director

Ministry of Education

Telma Manston-Nimmo   –  Assistant Minister, Early Childhood Education

Ministry of Public Works

Joseph P. Todd  –  Deputy Minister-Administration

Benjamin Bonto  –  Deputy Minister-Rural Development

Bolton Dennis  –  Assistant Minister for Community Service

Clarence Wilson  –  Assistant Minister for Technical Affairs

Jackie A. Bernard  –  Assistant Minister Feeder Roads

Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation

Musa Konneh  –  Deputy Managing Director/Operations

Liberia Intellectual Property Office

Theresa S. Thomas   –  Deputy Director General/Industrial Property

Liberia News Agency

Kwame Weeks  –  Director General

Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation

Moseray Momoh  –  Deputy Managing Director/Administration

Center for Agriculture Research Institute (CARI)

Marcus T. Jones  –  Director General

Liberia Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative

J. Gabriel Nyenkan    Chairman

Liberia Institute of Public Administration

D. Wa Hne  –  Deputy Director General/Research & Consultancy

National Drugs Service

Boakai Boley  –  Deputy Director

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Gurly T. Gibson  –  Liberian Ambassador – United States of America

D. Maxwell Saah Kemayah  –  Deputy Minister/Administration

Liberia Civil Aviation Authority

Bishop J. Allen Kaylee  –  Chairman-Board

National Port Authority

Richard Divine  –  Chairman – Board

Rev. Matthew Guah  –  Member

Forestry Development Authority

Harrison Karnwea    –    Chairman/Board

Mittal Steel

Atty. Carmerna Cephas-Yeke  –  Country Rep.

Religious Advisors to the President

Rev. Emmanuel Nimely

Mother Kebeh Karngar

Grand Bassa County

Janjay Baikpeh  –  Superintendent

Tubman University

Dr. Wreh Wilson  –  President

Bong County Technical College

Dr. Roland Massaquoi    President

Local Government Bong County

Anthony Sheriff  –  Assistant Superintendent/Development

Conteh Yallah  –  Statutory District Superintendent

Victor Wesseh –   Korkoyah Statutory District/County Inspector

Paul A. Sulonteh  –  Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs

Jerry Tinnie     –      Relieving Commissioner

Lucia Herbert  –       City Mayor, Gbarnga City

Aaron Mulbah  –      District Commissioner, Fumah District

Daniel Tubman  –    District Commissioner, Salala District

Milton Varney  –      District Commissioner, Sanoyea District

Annie Reeves   –     District Commissioner Yellequelleh District # 2

Daniel O. Dudu  –   District Commissioner, Suakoko District

David Karjue  –       District Commissioner, Jorquelleh District #2

Washington Bonnah  –  District Commissioner, Jorquelleh District #3

Towon Koresiah  –  District Commissioner, Panta District

Arthur Kpolleh  –    District Commissioner, Zota District

Mary Kweneh  –     District Commissioner, Korkoyah District

Joseph Kolleh  –     District Commissioner, Kpaii District

Dennis Chappy  –   District Commissioner, Boinsein District

Moses Kellen   –     District Commissioner, Tokpablee District

Meanwhile, these appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.