Popular Radio Personality Eyes Senate – Says President Weah A Motivator


Monrovia – Bernard Benson, alias DJ Blue, is one of many names surfacing to fill the vacancy for the senatorial seat in Montserrado County.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayeh – [email protected] 

Benson says his intention to contest was inspired by the political success of President George Manneh Weah. 

Since President Weah entered politics in 2005, he has significantly sharped the dynamics of Liberian politics thus motivating several unorthodox politicians. 

Such as Benson who is a well-known for his disc jockey skills in Liberia elsewhere. 

“Ambassador George Weah is my motivation,” Benson said at the inaugural ceremony of President Weah at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex Monday. 

Despite being motivated, Benson needs the support of the Liberian Leader to help him win the county, which has been a very strong hold for the Coalition for Democratic Change. 

Since 2005, the party has never lost the senatorial seat in Liberia’s most populated county. 

Benson is pitching the promotion of Liberia’s arts, culture and entertainment as his purpose for planning to run for the Senate. 

He says, “For too long the artistic industry of the country has been left behind”. 

“The copyright law, a befitting recording studio and a decent theater for artists’ performance are some of the many things that are hampering the growth of the art industry in the country,” he said.   

“For the past two decades there has not been any legislation pass to improve our artistic industry of our country.”

“Surprisingly the young people have been left behind.” 

According to Benson, people from the creative industry need to go into the parliament to create laws that will help the young people, adding that it is a mistake for only politicians to go into the parliament. 

“Mature and progressive democracy around Africa is infusing people from the creative industry into parliament to foster the creative programs”.

“We can not only put politicians into parliament that is the mistake we have been making over the years,” Benson warns. 

 “We need people with innovation and in the Liberians parliament there is nobody like such.”

“There is not one seat for a lawmaker that represents the creative industry for our country. And that is wrong there has to be somebody that will be advocating for the young people.”