Mills Jones Resigns From Movement For Economic Empowerment


Monrovia – Embattled standard bearer, and political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, has reigned from the party after being suspended for time indefinite by the Executive Committee members of the party.

Report by Edwin G. Genoway, Jr – [email protected]

In an audio statement issued in Monrovia on December 13, 2017, Dr. Jones, who served as Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia for 10 years, thanked partisans and his supporters for their time and effort during the campaign that took them across the country.

MOVEE former standard bearer expressed willingness to work with the winner of the pending December 26, 2017 runoff election if the election result reflects the popular will of the people of Liberia.

Dr. Jones severed all ties with the party and then asked partisans to take responsibility of the party.

He thanked all of the partisans and auxiliaries of MOVEE that supported him during his quest for the Liberian Presidency.

“First, I want to thank all of you, including the auxiliaries, for your support and encouragement, although we did not win in contesting for the position of President of Liberia, your commitment and hard work have helped to change the political dialogue in our beloved country.”

“Together, we spent many days reaching out across the length and breadth of Liberia to share our vision to fight poverty and create a more inclusive system of governance, with a view of creating a better standard of living for the people of Liberia.”

He called on partisans of MOVEE and all Liberians to look forward to positively contributing to the upcoming runoff.

“We should all look forward to positively contributing to the upcoming runoff, demonstrating our commitment to strengthen our young democracy.”

“Moving Liberia forward and faster is a task for all Liberians, therefore, we must use our time and effort to build up each other. It is the human capacity of Liberia that will make the great leap forward possible for Liberia,” he said.

He further stated that he remains committed in serving his country Liberia;.

“I want to assure you that I remain attached to the key believe that have guided my activities as public servant and prepared me to enter the race to be the leader of our country: that Liberia remains a land of possibilities for all Liberians and we must be a people of hope and action; that Economic empowerment of Liberians is an idea whose time has come, as such an empowerment is vital to building a middle class and strengthen our democracy.”

 “We must both reorganize and restructure our economy to create wealth and job opportunities for Liberians, that we must build the capacity of our young people to become more productive citizens in a modern economy, and that we must share the ethics of dependence on others; and have confidence as a people that we should not wait for others to do for us what we can do for ourselves. All of this is sum-up in these simple words – ‘poverty is not our destiny’. We must continue to believe this.” 

The former MOVEE standard bearer noted he is prepared to work with all Liberians, and with the new administration to put Liberia on a new course.

Dr. Jones said while the person who wins an election is important, such person’s win must be based on the will of the Liberian people. He also stated that it is also important that the leadership that emerges realizes the necessity of mustering the collective will of all Liberians to work together to begin to write the new Liberia history.

He added that the leadership that is prepared to do this can count on his (Dr. Jones) support, and ask all Liberians to do the same.

On his decision to resign from the party he founded, he said he and his family have been reviewing recent developments in the party, leading to my decision to sever all ties with the party effective immediately.

“I have no intention to engage in unproductive business of vilification and vindication on radio talk-shows and in newspapers, nor, will I be drawn in a race to the button under the delusion that I will become relevant by bringing others down, that is not my character.”

“My record of achievements and my ability to work with others, both at home and abroad, speak for themselves.

Dr. Jones’ resignation comes following his suspend from MOVEE by members of the Executive Committee.

According to an official statement from the party issued on December 5, 2017, Dr. Jones was asked to submit to a 72-hour ultimatum to answer questions from the grievance and ethics committee.

“That within 72 upon receipt of this mandate from the National Executive Committee of MOVEE, the Grievance and Ethics Committee of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) must expeditiously dispose of this matter and submit its findings to the National Executive Committee of MOVEE, in keeping with the By-Laws and Constitution of the Party.”