Liberia’s Elections Commission to Spend US$1.5M on Ballot Papers for Elections


Monrovia – The National Elections Commission (NEC) says it will spent US$1.5 million to produce ballot papers for the October 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

Report by Henry Karmo –  [email protected]

According to the NEC chairman Jerome Korkoyah the Commission has concluded the process of selecting a company in Europe to print the ballots for the 2017 Elections.

“The company has gone through all of our procurement procedure and was determined to be the most responsive bidder. Party representatives and partners will be made aware of the full identity of the company after the approval of the PPCC on our decision.”

The NEC chairman also told reporters at the news conference in Monrovia that the Commission has contracted the services of a ballot paper designer to help design the ballot for onward submission to the printer and have assessed his designs and found it to be compatible with their needs.

Chairman Korkoyah also disclosed that since the end of the nomination process the NEC has received a total of 34 cases around the Code of Conduct and other nomination related issues.

He said 23 of the 34 cases on the code of conduct are being resolved based on the ruling of the Honorable Supreme Court in the Kanwea and Liberty Party vs NEC opinion.

The NEC also announced the creation of 5,390 polling places across the country for the 2017 elections. He said the allocation of the polling places is based on the number of registered voter.

Each voting place will be allocated 500 voters maximum in keeping with the polling and counting procedures.