Dark Cloud Hangs Over Confirmation of Liberia’s Information Minister


Monrovia – It seems his past is about to haunt him as reappointed Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe struggles to get pass confirmation by the Senate information and Broadcast Committee. 

Report by Henry Karmo, [email protected]

According to sources, President George Weah is begging committee members for mercy for his old time friend, who left him in opposition.

Mr. Nagbe  is one of the ministers in the administration of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf accused of preaching and promoting division among the three branches of government (Executive, Legislature and Judiciary).

He is also being accused of propagating good image of the Executive Branch of government where he finds himself at the detriment of the Legislature and the Judiciary.

Sometime in 2016 and 2017, Nagbe did not hide his position on issues of national concern as he criticized the Legislature and the Judiciary for performing their duties.

On one occasion he recognized a splinted group of lawmakers who fought to oust former House Speaker Alex Tyler during the leadership crisis at the Legislature.

Mr. Nagbe, as Information Minister, chose to recognize few lawmakers, who had decided to hold parallel session to the one presided over by Tyler when the fight for legitimacy was an issue at the Legislature.

He did by writing the parallel group hosted by rebellious lawmakers, who wanted Tyler ousted and refused to sit under his gavel even though the fight was not a fight for the Executive.

In 2017 during the peak of activities of the election process, he accused the Judiciary on his Facebook page of them instituting tyranny when the judiciary took a decision to suspend the November 8th run-off election between the Unity Party and the Coalition for Democratic Change as a result of a joint complaint filed by the Liberty party and the Unity party both of whom requested a re-run election.

He resigned as Secretary General of the Unity during the period when he was needed most and according to him it was to enable him focus on his job as Information Minister even though he held the position when he contested to be the party’s SG.

While serving as SG, he was accused and seen as a spy by some partisans and members of the leadership, who questioned his loyalty to the cause that they were all into. Most of the party members considered him as Ellen’s boy.

At his confirmation hearing when he was confronted about his Facebook page he said, it was a coincidence of the situation and was not intentional or intended for Judges of the Supreme Court.

Like Nagbe, Internal Affairs Minister-designate Varney Sirleaf, is another nominee whose past is hindering his confirmation.

According to some senators, who spoke to FrontPageAfrica on the bases of anonymity, he was the “brain behind most of the crisis that ensued between the local government officials and their Legislative caucuses.”

According our sources, he was always in the habit of inciting local government officials against their lawmakers for the purpose of gaining political sympathy.

“He is not a good guy, as for me I will not vote for his confirmation if others choose to it is their decision and their rights.”

Varney Sirleaf, a close confidant of former President Sirleaf, had the opportunity to work in her government throughout her 12-year tenure as the President’s logistic man and later as Deputy Internal Affairs.

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