Lewis Brown Describes Liberia’s Democratic Progress As Unshakable


Monrovia – Liberia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nation Ambassador Brown who just arrived in the country says despite the stream of negative predictions that preceded his arrival; he is pleased to be greeted by quiet streets and peaceful homes.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayeh [email protected]

Addressing news personnel at the Monrovia City Hall Thursday, Ambassador Brown said he heart-warmingly observed and listened to both the opposition and the ruling parties, which are still locked in the contest for political power.

Although he publicly acknowledged the rule of law prevailed in the recent ruling of the Supreme Court concerning the Writ for Prohibition on the National Elections Commission, Ambassador Brown said the pronouncement and attending joy, even if not intended to credit the government, actually confirms the settled truth that Liberia is steadily but firmly progressing.

“The unshakable foundations for democratic governance in the country will not, any time soon, be easily uprooted”, Ambassador Brown said.

“I congratulate the parties and the court for doing not just what was easy, but what was right. Together you testified to how far we have come, and especially, how matured we have become.”

“Evidently, what was not possible in our country years ago is possible today.”

“The rule of law to which citizens were grievously denied is increasingly available to all.”

“Our reforming institutions are becoming stronger, more competent, and truly deserving of the growing public trust and confidence on display”, he continues.

The former Information Minister recalled that in 2003 the country and its institutions of governance collapsed under the weight of self-destruction but after 14 years, Liberians stand the test of time by reforming its institutions.

“Despite our myriad differences and the challenges we look to face, our travel together on this post-conflict journey of nation-building is proving to be successful.”

“Yes, we are not in a perfect place. But there can be no doubt that today; we are in a better place.”

“We have truly come a long way from governing with fear to governing with care”, he noted.

“From where the presidency managed all public powers to where the other branches are increasingly standing up in checks and balance.”

According to Ambassador Brown, the progress of the country can be attributed to all Liberians.

Not to forget, he also praised the International Community for their unwavering support to the country during its post-conflict period.

Ambassador Brown being a strong critic of the President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf during the early stage of her government said he was honored to work alongside the President adding that she invited him into her cabinet with the openness of a leader dedicated to working with all for a better society.

 “I am advised that under the current challenging political climate, it is not “popular” to say thank you to the President. But I dare knowing that truth is not always meant to be popular.”

Ambassador Brown: “Thank you, Madam President. Thank you for your stewardship and leadership of our country. I believe that history will be kind in its judgment that because of your exemplary leadership, Liberia is in a place to become better.”