Official: Brumskine Lifts Nimba Son Harrison Karnwea’s Hand As Running Mate


Saclepea, Nimba County – Just a month and five days since he joined the party, Harrison Karnwea, a native of vote rich Nimba County, has been selected vice standard bearer of the Liberty Party – the party that poses major challenge to the continuity of the ruling Unity Party from whence Karnwea came.

Report by Lennart Dodoo – [email protected]

In the small but jammed packed Ellen Johnson Sirleaf City Hall in Saclepea City, the political leader of the party, Cllr. Charles Brumskine standing before hundreds of partisans and supporters said, it was high time that Nimba produces a Vice President and in this instance, according to him, Karnwea is the most suitable.

This decision, according to Brumskine, was the result of vigorous consultation with executive members of the party who carefully screened all options presented to them.

“At this point in time, it’s my pleasing duty to announce to you that Nimba County has been selected to produce the next Vice President of the Republic of Liberia.

It is therefore my honor to inform Liberia that the honorable Harrison Karnwea as my running mate,” Brumskine added.

In his rather brief remarks, Cllr. Brumkine said there can be no better Vice President than Karnwea.

In acceptance, Karnwea, who is so far the first announced running mate in the October presidential elections, said, “I see no ticket so unifying than our ticket that sends out a clear message that united we stand and divided we fall.

I see no ticket deserving victory than our ticket.

I see no ticket that can be easily entrusted with the future of this country either than our ticket. I see no ticket that sends out clear and loud message of peace, reconciliation, and unity than our ticket.

In our ticket, I see a Liberia of the best and proper trajectory for progress and development.

On our ticket, I see giants and real warriors in the war to effectively minimize corruption. On our ticket, I see real patriots with the minds and hearts to put Liberia first.

On our ticket, I see a better future for the old and young Liberians no matter which village, town or quarter you find yourselves.

I can say that this ticket is indeed a vote magnet. That will attract the votes to push the Liberty Party to the leadership of this country of ours in these 2017 elections.”

Perfect Pick – Nimbaians

Reacting to Karnwea selection, citizens of the county described Karnwea as one of the most influential Nimbaians who would attract citizens to the county to the Liberty Party.

In her words, Edith Kou Tokpa, a resident of Sanniquellie, said the Brumskine-Karnwea ticket would be the perfect combination in 2017 to ensure Nimba produces a Vice President.

Describing Karnwea as a humble character whose tenure as Superintendent of Nimba united the county, Edith said they would tour the nook and crannies of the county to ensure that Liberty Party wins the county.

Another Nimbian, Narlea Karkpo, said she was glad that the next Vice President would come from Nimba in Karnwea.

“I am very much glad today that in Karnwea, I feel that our long -awaited dream in seeing one of our kinds becomes a Vice President is coming to an end.:

“We believe in Karnwea and by his selection today, we are grateful.”

Reporter Selma Lomax contributed to this story