Israel Akinsanya Resigns From Opposition Liberty Party


Monrovia – Mr. Israel Akinsanya, a staunch member of the opposition Liberty Party (LP), has tendered in his resignation from that party.

The LP strongman’s resignation comes at a time when his former party is challenged with a legal battle to prove fraud and irregularities in the October 10, 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections, in which they came claimed the third spot, which automatically ruled them out of the runoff, should it be allowed to go ahead.

When contacted, the LP through its vice president for Political Affairs, Mr. Darius Dillon, said the party only heard about Akinsaya’s resignation on facebook.

“We saw his resignation on Facebook; when we inquired from him, he confirmed that. We wish him well,” Dillion said.

“Liberty Party is a democratic institution; we mourn when people leave and rejoice when people come but we respect people’s rights to freely associate,” he added.

Dillon further told this newspaper, in an interview, that the party respects Akinsaya’s decision to move on and refuses to accept that his resignation is a setback.

“Some people get tired and want to move on the Standard Bearer’s response is the same I am giving.”

Israel Akinsaya, in recent days, has been very critical in his comments on his social media page. In one of his posts, he responded to criticisms of his temporary withdrawal from active politics, which he said, caused LP partisans to question his loyalty.

In another post he said: “Many of whom, I have personally supported and mentored over the years some have accused me of being greedy, a traitor, and betraying the struggle, etc. How can I be accused of betraying the struggle? What struggle? Where have I been or gone to?

How quickly we forget.”

He also maintained his contribution of united opposition political contributions over the past decade.

In another post, the man, who was one of the insiders of LP, maintained that he will not dance with the devil, in the pale moonlight, just to reach a logical conclusion if you really support the process, announce that you are not going to the 2nd round runoff.

“And by the way insulting the President of the Republic is not my style.”

“While I support my party, I reject UP’s floor show. Rejection of the results, calls for UP calling for a rerun and not going to the second round.  We are inside.”

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