‘Ingratitude’- Civil Society Describes Former CBL Aide Defecting


Monrovia – Crayton Duncan former Chief of Office Staff to former Central Bank of Liberia Governor J. Mills Jones recent declaration of support to Vice President Joseph Boakai moving away from his former boss is raising debate across the country.

Duncan who is credited for organizing many events for the former CBL boss has expressed that he is breaking ranks with his former boss because of the influence of D. Maxwell Kemayah on Jones.

Said Duncan: “I was never on a ship to jump. I established everything from beginning to end. On my birthday, I told Governor Jones in the presence of his wife that he should consider running for President. The only concern his wife had was as long as he wasn’t’ using his life savings, she was fine with it.  I told her we will find the money.

I started with the first resistance in the house, followed by the burial of his mother and then we began a county-to-county push pitching Jones which showed my strength. But suddenly, he allowed D. Maxwell Kemayah, head of the Liberia Business Association to make decisions in his life”.

But a civil society grouping Societal Reform Initiative of Liberia (SRIL) has described Crayton decision as ingratitude.

Stated the group: “Such expression of support by Duncan, accompanied by some utterances that termed to demean the character and rubbish the political ambition of Dr. Jones is regrettable, diabolical, unfortunate and one embellished with high degree of ingratitude and disloyalty. By this, he tries to place a dent on the political intention of Dr. Jones to contest the presidency of Liberia”.

The group in a statement signed by Jeremiah E. Paye, Secretary General is describing Duncan as an unappreciative man.

“This unappreciative man, who prior to being picked by Dr. Jones to serve as his Chief of Office Staff has nothing, but rather a mere truck loader in the United States, struggling to make ends meet”, the group added.

According to the group Duncan during his time as Director of Communications at the Central Bank of Liberia made no impact; rather his job was performed sometime by folks from different departments.

The group is claiming that as Chief of Office Staff in the Governor’s office, Duncan could not take and produce a fitting Board Meeting Minutes and so he will be of no asset to Vice President Boakai’s campaign but a liability to his pocket if he has money to spend.

“So then, what has motivated him to castigate or turn against his maker? What moral standing does he have to question the credentials and ability of Dr. Jones to lead this country?” the group inquired.

The Civil group says Duncan has no level of influence in Sinoe to present a candidate to the people to be elected as President because he is not a son of that county.

“How can Sinoeans trust this surrogate with a representative seat at the National Legislature, as he is seeking when he has proven to be grossly inconsistent, hypocritical and deceptive in his political sojourn?”, the group blasted.

Continued the group: “We wish to inform Crayton Duncan that his action and posture against Dr. Jones who immensely contributed to his life’s success is devilish, condemnable, ill-fated and one marked by serious acts of ungratefulness and lack of appreciation”.

The group says gone are the days when people it is terming as political vagabonds and vagrant will masquerade within the body politics of Liberia.

“The Societal Reform Initiative of Liberia wondered why will this morally bankrupt, criminal hearted young man speak disparagingly and turn to litter his former boss, Dr. Joseph Mills Jones; a man of integrity, credibility and proven record of positive performance”, stated the group.

It says it is calling on all Sinoeans and Liberians at large not to give credence to Duncan who they are describing as disloyal creature whose act of betrayal will forever be recorded in the political history of Liberia.