Freeman Blasts VP For Doing Less About Appalling Conditions in Liberia


Monrovia – Simeon Freeman, political leader of the Movement for Progress Change (MPC), yesterday blasted Vice President Joseph Boakai, who he blamed along with the governing Unity Party (UP) for the deteriorating living condition of the Liberian people and the lack of commitment to develop the country’s infrastructure over the years.

Report by Edwin G. Genoway, Jr – [email protected]

Mr. Freeman said VP Boakai has over the past 12 years allegedly received US$25 million as Vice President of Liberia and head of the Senate, but failed to carry on any development across the country, including Lofa County, his County of origin.

FrontPage African could not independently verify Mr. Freeman’s claim.

According to him, the Unity Party presidential hopeful has at no point in time visited the Ministry of Education to ascertain problems affecting the sector  or help in addressing the situation, but is now promising Liberians better education if elected.

The MPC political leader further said locals have the right to boo at Boakai because he failed to improve the livelihood of the Liberians.

“Lofa Community College has received US$65,000 from national government for the running of the college, while the Zorzor Teacher Training Institute (ZTTI) received US$55,000, which is less than 65 percent of the actual budget of the Vice President. Boakai has received US$2.1 million every budget year and has 15 staffers in his office.”

But the office of the VP has rubbished Freeman’s claim, noting that he is one of those that makes empty noise without anything to prove.

George Saah, Director of Communications in the office of the Vice President told this newspaper via mobile phone that the VP will not respond to gibberish.

Freeman noted that it was unfortunate for VP Boakai to begin visiting some of slum communities and districts that he abandoned for the past 11 years in search of votes, stating, “the VP has at no point-in-time helped President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in addressing Liberia’s problem or advocated for social services, especially in the rural areas, but continues to bring failed concessions to Liberia.”

Touching on Boakai’s running mate, James Emmanuel Nuquay, he said it was dangerous for two “corrupt officials” to be paired to contest elections.

“This is the man who has served as chair on Ways, Means and Finance for seven years under former Speaker Alex Tyler, who is heavily corrupt because he signed bogus concessions and the VP selected such a person for Liberia?,” Freeman wondered.

Freeman also launched stinging attacked on Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine of the Liberty Party.

He said it was unfortunate for Brumskine, who considers himself a lawyer, to argue that the Code of Conduct speaks on the issue of intention and as such, the National Elections Commission (NEC) should not have rejected Harrison Karnwea as his running mate.

Freeman said Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine and his Liberty Party should have known better instead of running to court for the denial of Harrison Kanwea by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

He noted there is no need for the Liberty Party to run to court because according to Freeman, the Liberty Party deputy standard bearer Harrison Kanwea is not qualified.

“Brumskine, who claimed to be lawyer, should know better and abide by the law,” he noted.

“Brumskine who served as a bag boy to President Sirleaf, now wants to be President. This Presidency is not for jokers, 2017 we are determined”, he added.

“The Liberty Party headquarters is now filled with cars from the money. Harrison stole to keep the party alive. Liberty Party headquarter that never had windows at it, is now furnished and has so many cars and bikes.”

He promised to name his running mate very soon.