Dr. Mills Jones Gets Endorsement From Nimba County Women


Bahn, Nimba County – The political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. J. Mills Jones, has ended a tour of vote-rich Nimba County, particularly to amass supporters ahead of the October elections.

Report by Edwin Genoway – [email protected]

In a colorful ceremony in Bahn, the former Executive of the Central Bank of Liberia was hailed by the women of Nimba who had gathered from several major cities to pledge their support to him.

The women recalled Dr. Jones’ immense help to them through the loan scheme in introduced when he served the Central Bank.

They expressed confidence that he could reduce poverty when elected President.

“Truly you are our Poverty Doctor. We the women from all of the major cities and town of Nimba are convinced and pleased with your leadership.”

“We saw what you did when you were at the CBL, we believe that you can do better when you take leadership by being President,” Madam Kou, spokesperson for the women said.

Dr. Jones visited major cities and towns in the nine electoral districts in Nimba County.

The women stressed that the loan scheme introduced by Dr. Jones had a positive impact on all women across the country and such was a sign of leadership and a vision to move Liberia forward.

“Your love this country is not a joke. You have proven this when you served at the Central Bank of Liberia.”

“We saw too many poor people you helped and you are still helping them even though you not at the CBL again,” Kou said.

The gathering was also graced by many traditional leaders.

He was gowned by the women and the traditional leaders to symbolize their appreciation for his gesture towards them over the years.

Dr. Jones in a thankful mood emphasized the need for an inclusive economic growth and development.

“I have concluded that a people have decided to begin a journey for change. The time has come to build a new Liberia. The time has come to lift ourselves out of poverty.

“It is about time we Liberians look amongst ourselves for leaders with a good public record of service that made a difference in the lives of the people.”

“It is my view that if Liberia is to break away from the past of underdevelopment and business as usual, Liberians must stand up to say ‘no’ to the old order and bad politics,” he said.

Under Dr. Jones’ leadership at the CBL, Liberia became a full member of the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ) and a member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, an International organization.

Some politicians and pundits have criticized Dr. Jones for the policy of financial inclusion, especially the microfinance program supported by the CBL during his tenure. Jones came under attack for loan scheme which many lawmakers believed was hurting the economy and was only intended to gain political fame.