Diana Harris Petitioned to Contest Representative Seat in Lower Margibi County


Margibi County – As the presidential and legislative elections draw near, residents of the Duazon community, District #1 lower Margibi County on March 15 2017, petitioned Aspirant Diana C. Harris to contest the representative seat of the district.

In a petition statement, Madam Ruth Saywah on behalf of the Duazon community said aspirant Harris is the most qualified aspirant in District#1, Lower Margibi, adding that she is hard working, honest, fair and thoughtful.

“Beyond all doubts, having realized everything that Pastor Diana Harris had done in our community and the district at large; having noticed her spiritual platform and what she will definitely do for our district if she accepts our petition to represent us, therefore we the citizens of Duazon has come to ask her in other words to petition her to represent us in the House of Representative for the 2017 representatives election.

Moreover as a preacher, teacher, principal, and as a business woman, Diana has done it all.

In all she does, she exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. So we strongly believe that she will use those qualities to create a better balance between poverty and better life in this District” the petition statement reads.

Accepting the petition statement, Pastor Diana C. Harris lauded residents of lower Margibi County, District#1 for the confidence reposed in her to contest the District highest seat, something she described as a great honor and challenge in her political sojourn.

“I say many thanks to you for extending such a compliment to me by asking me to represent you in the House in Representatives for our noble  District #1 Margibi County, for the upcoming representatives’ election.

I believe because for too long I have championed your cause, I have been helping our various communities, responding to communities needs, creating different avenues and helping young people get their own business established, promoting community initiatives ,and that’s why you post this confident in me.

I will consider your petition a great honor to represent you in the Lower House and not just representing you in the Lower House, but to continue the good work we all had started years back in giving new birth to our district and the people of Margibi County” she said.

She assured residents of her district that she will work with them as one family to push the district forward in terms of development, growth and togetherness when she is elected.

“I can assure you that this time around we all will harvest the district fruits together. We will all decide on what to do for this district together, we will all join hands to push this district forward in terms of development in line with our national and local visions and agendas.

Prior commitments will make it possible for me and you, but rest assured that you will have my full support in your objectives,” she said.