Cummings Still Confident of Liberian Presidency Despite Code of Conduct Controversy


Monrovia – Back from a recent trip to the United States of America, opposition political leader Alexander Benedict Cummings said he is confident and determined to win the much anticipated presidential elections in Liberia.

Report by Willie N. Tokpah – [email protected]

“Come October 2018, we the ANC would become the governing party of the Republic of Liberia. Between now and then, all kinds of things is going to happen, this is politics and nobody should get afraid.”

“We will work through all the challenges that will come, the political noise, all the silliness that will come.”

“It will come but we ready for it” Cummings registered.

Cummings as head of the Alternative National Congress is facing a tough battle with the National Elections Commission due to the rejection of his Vice Standard Bearer Jeremiah Sulunteh.

The ANC is, however, seeking fair justice for Mr. Sulunteh at the Supreme Court on grounds that he had not violated any law to deny his participation in the 2017 race. 

Cumming’s is expressing no fear of him or his running mate being hooked by the country’s most talked about political ambush, the Code of Conduct.

“I return more determined than ever to win the presidency of our country.”

“Our Country, this country called Liberia deserves better, we deserve a better country and I’m more determined than ever to lead the ANC to power and to begin the transformation of Liberia, “he intoned.

Speaking at the ANC Headquarters late Tuesday when he arrived from the US, Cummings noted that winning the Liberian presidential race depends on the party’s support to participate in the voting process.

He noted that the ANC is the only party that stands ready to bring the kind of change Liberia is yearning for, expressing his confidence of becoming the governing party come 2018.

Cumming said it is no doubt that there would be political interplay in this time of Liberia electoral process, these challenges he maintained, would be overcome.

He further noted that these electoral setbacks are obvious because nothing good comes easily.

The ANC Political leader noted that the party is not afraid of the situations clouding its political sojourn because of his trust in Liberians to take the right steps.

According to him, the much-publicized Code of Conduct entangling his vice standard bearer will soon be silent when the laws are completely tested.

“Look, we are a country of laws and or rules and I am convinced that when the rules are followed, the vice standard bearer will be on the ticket.”

“We will both be on the ticket come October,” Cummings said strongly.

Cummings has registered his stance against nepotism in government which he said would be a major enemy of his administration noting that appointments would be based on merit if elected President of Liberia.