Cummings Gets ANC Nomination: Promises Electricity, Better Education in Six Year


Bentol, Montserrado County – Delegates at the second national convention of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), a new opposition political party in Liberia, unanimously voted on white ballot Mr. Alexander Cummings as their political leader, the man who will lead the Party into elections come 2017.

Mr. Cummings won on white ballot after Mr. Lafayette E. Gould, the current party chairman declined nomination to contest for similar position following his nomination by Watson Yeanue, a Nimba county delegate, leaving Mr. Cummings as the lone candidate to contest.

“Haven’t consulted with my family, I hereby decline my nomination to contest for the political leadership position,” he said. “I want to thank you for the confidence reposed in me,” said Gould.

Gould, in a statement at the Party’s Bentol Convention, disclosed that the presence of Cummings in the ANC has added value to the party.

“You have added value to the ANC, you seem to be posing threat to our country political stage, now you look presidential,” he said. He claimed that with the presence of Cummings as the Party political leader the ANC is stronger than before.

The lone vote from delegate Yeanue, representing vote rich Nimba County, was enough to seal the top post for Cummings as the party next political leader.

In his induction remark, Cummings accepted the delegates’ choice of making him the Party new political leader to take them to elections in 2017.

He cautioned partisans that Liberia can only be built by Liberians and no other national. “It can and will be done by us. And for us, there is no second chance and fallback position—we must make our country better now,” he said.

He promised that as President of Liberia, he will use six years to restore Liberia’s energy sector and place Liberia in a position where no Liberian child will be afraid of darkness.

Cummings said: “This must be the private and public chance of each Liberian, home and abroad, no tribal or ethnic objective should veto the national interest. In six years—just six years—I see all Liberian children getting up in the morning not afraid of darkness”.

“Each child will be able to shower or take a bath, turning on the heater. Each boy and girl will have a school to attend. In six years, each child will go to school in his or her private car—this is not much for a Liberian child to ask” Cummings continued.

“I leave Bentol with the hope that we capture the hopes and aspirations that we can make Liberia better,” he concluded.

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