Cllr. Moses Paegar Prevented From Intervening Prior to Sherman’s Arrest


Monrovia – As early as 5:am Wednesday, officers of the Police Support Unit began camping outside the Congo Town home of Cllr. Varney Sherman, Chairman of the Unity Party.

Two days earlier, the drama at Cllr. Sherman’s house took a surprising turn when partisans of the ruling party showed up to prevent police and court officers from enforcing a search and seizure order from the Monrovia City Court.

What they failed to do Monday, they carried out Wednesday as Cllr. Sherman was picked up in the early morning hours and arrested by a sheriff from the Criminal Court ‘C’ accompanied by the PSU.

But supporters of Cllr. Sherman were nowhere in sight Wednesday to prevent court officers from serving him a writ after the police and the agents of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) went to execute the arrest.

Security situation was however tense as the police preventing people from entering the fence when a heated argument between the PSU officers and the President of the Bar Association, Cllr. Moses Paegar. Cllr. Paegar who had gone to Cllr. Sherman’s home after receiving information that one of the Bar members was about to be arrested.

As Cllr. Paegar entered the fence, he pleaded with the PSU officers to allow him to enter Cllr. Sherman house; but the Bar President was vehemently resisted as the PSU officers said they were acting on instructions that they should not allow anyone in the compound.

“You are forcing your way in Sir. We are not allowing anyone to enter here. Even if you are lawyer, we were instructed that to not allow anyone in this compound so don’t force your way in here,” the PSU officer heading the team told Cllr. Paegar.

Upon listening to the police officer, Cllr. Paegar immediately decided to leave the compound apparently to avoid further problems.

”Why are you lying that am forcing my way in … Didn’t I ask you to enter? Didn’t I identify myself to you as a lawyer and you refuse to allow me in? I am going back because you lying on me right in the presence of everybody and remember today, with the way you lied on me someone too will lie on you to affect you,” Cllr. Paegar lamented.

Following the Bar Association President’s exit from the scene, the PSU officer, immediately left the compound. Cllr. Paegar was the former head of the Cllr. Sherman Law firm, Sherman & Sherman.

Cllr. Varney Sherman was arrested Wednesday Morning at 7:15. The Unity Party Chairman and the Sheriff drove in the Senator’s official vehicle while the police drover behind them in a white pickup. The Grand Cape Mount County lawmaker was not handcuffed as it was reported in the media.

Edwin G. Genoway, Jr – [email protected]