CDC Youth League Wants UP Certificate Revoke Over Campaign Finance


Monrovia – The National Youth League (RNYL) of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) says its attention has been drawn to the callous, flagrant, deliberate and injurious violation of the constitution of Liberia by the Unity Party, with specific reference to prohibited sources of funding.

The youth league said, government has seen probable cause to arrest the Chairman of the Unity Party for illegally collecting and using funds provided by a foreign corporation for the activities of the Unity Party.

 This is a complete political corruption of the highest order by a ruling party.

We are requesting the National Elections to immediately revoke the Unity Party’s certification for illegally sourcing and using funds provided by a foreign corporation for its activities, including its convention.

Article 82 of the Liberian Constitution categorically rules out funding of political parties in Liberia by foreign sources and corporations. Clause (a) reads, “Any citizen or citizens, political party association or organization, being of Liberian nationality or origin, shall have the right to contribute to the funds or election expenses of any political party or candidate; provided that corporate and business organizations and labour unions shall be excluded from making any contribution to the funds or expenses of any political party.”

Henry Karmo – [email protected]