Boakai, Weah Express Confidence of Winning Runoff Election


Monrovia – Vice President Joseph Boakai, the ruling party’s candidate in the just-ended Presidential election has expressed confidence that he would win the election.

But his contender, soccer legend George Weah, is equally hopeful of being Liberia’s next President.

While Boakai told reporters Tuesday after he voted that he would accept whatever result as long as it meets the standards, Weah on the other hand, said he’s not associated with losing will make sure he wins the election.

Weah: “I am not associated with losing. Today, victory is certain and I am going to win. A Boakai cannot win a George Weah. Ellen Johnson [Sirleaf] won because she is an exceptional case, and what happened cannot happen again.” 

Vice President Boakai casted his vote at St. Kathlene McGure while Senator Weah voted did his not a distant away at the Kendeja Elementary School.

Boakai could not tell reporters whether or not he has confidence in the National Elections Commission, but said, 

“We’re living with it; whether we have or not, we’re living with it. We’ll work with it, we’ll accept the result”. 

Boakai joined the opposition Liberty Party to contest the results of the October 10 election, calling for a rerun of the process. 

Their request was, however, denied by the electoral body and subsequently the Supreme court, after putting up a legal challenge. 

He said on the occasion that he loses the election; he would remain in Liberia and engage in other endeavors to contribute to national development. 

He, however, failed to say whether he would accept a job offer from the next government if he doesn’t win he elections, only noting, “There are other ways I can serve my country.”

Weah appeared over confident when he spoke to reporters on Tuesday.

He said after Tuesday poll, “I am going to get on the drawing board with my team and then we’ll put a plan together to move our country forward.”