Vice President Boakai: I’ll Accept Elections Results If…


Monrovia – Vice President Joseph Boakai, one of the candidates in Liberia’s presidential runoff election says he would only accept the result of the election if it meets all standards deemed credible and transparent.

Report by Lennart Dodoo, [email protected]

Vice President Boakai made the statement Tuesday morning after casting his vote at St. Kathlene McGure Memorial Catholic School outside in Rehab community, outside Monrovia.

Asked whether he now has confidence in the Elections Commission having called for resignation of the Chairman, Cllr. Jerome Korkoya, Vice President Joe Boakai,

“We’re living with it; whether we have or not, we’re living with it. We’ll work with it, we’ll accept the result”.

Vice President Boakai joined the opposition Liberty Party to contest the results of the October 10 election, calling for a rerun of the process.

Their request was, however, denied by the electoral body and subsequently the Supreme court, after putting up a legal challenge.

He said on the occasion that he loses the election; he would remain in Liberia and engage in other endeavors to contribute to national development.

He, however, failed to say whether he would accept a job offer from the next government if he doesn’t win he elections, only.

“There are other ways I can serve my country.”