Alternative National Congress Unveils First 100-Day Deliverables


Monrovia – With less than two weeks to the general and Presidential elections, the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) of retired Coca Cola executive, Alexander Cummings, has unveiled its platform and first hundred-day deliverables it intends to achieve following ascendancy to the presidency.

Report by Gerald C. Koinyeneh – [email protected]

Addressing partisans at the ANC’s national headquarters in Sinkor, the standard bearer; Alexander B. Cummings made a rallying call on Liberians to join the ANC bandwagon to ensure the implementation of the plan intended to ‘fundamentally change Liberia’.

“I want us to believe in our country and in ourselves; to believe we deserve a better Liberia, and again to be bold, inspirational and courageous,” he said.

“And this is why we are publicly committing in details and number in what we are going to do for the next six years to begin the dramatic transformation of Liberia, because we deserve no less,” Cummings declared.

The Platform

Named “the ANC Policy Brief- A Platform for A Liberia We Deserve,” the ANC platform, according to Cummings, is built on eight pillars including infrastructure, agriculture, health, education, job creation, the economy, governance and rule of law, gender parity, youth inclusion, national security and foreign policy.

On infrastructure, the ANC pledged to build roads that connect major cities within six years, noting that this nationwide transport network will create jobs, increase access to markets and improve access to health.

It also vowed to increase access to electricity to every major city by expanding the electricity distribution system and the use of solar energy; and at the same time increasing access and internet connectivity across Liberia. It also pledged water supply nationwide and improved access to safe drinking water in both urban and rural communities. 

On agriculture the ANC says under its leadership, Liberia will be closer to feeding itself within six years by supporting farmers, who are largely involved in shifting cultivation, with tools and needed resources to increase output of their farm products.                     

It pledged to provide free quality health care for every child up to six years old and the elderly above 65 and provide affordable health care to the rest of the population through a health care insurance system; as well as focusing on primary and preventive care and increasing the number of doctors and nurses in Liberia by training more doctors and sending students to advanced countries for specialized training.

For education, the party assures free quality education up to high school and prioritizing vocation and technical training as alternatives beyond primary education to provide young people employment opportunities; at the same time focusing on teacher training.

The party also vowed to massively reduce unemployment by 40% within six years by annually creating 100,000 new jobs for Liberians especially for youths, and provide millions of dollars in micro loans to small and micro business and provide business programs to help them grow their business as well as improving and ensuring the Liberianization policy becomes workable and implementable.

The ANC further pledged to ensure robust anti-corruption efforts by strengthening integrity institutions, combating fraud and abuse and eliminating wasteful spending and taking what it called the government back to the people by decentralizing the government.

Additionally, the party in its platform promises to increase gender participation within government by 40%; secure the peace and the safety of the Liberian people, reorient the nation’s foreign policy with a view towards the economy and attracting investors and strengthen the border security and enhance the capacity of our the military, Police and other security personnel.

Hundred-day Deliverables

Dubbed the “Talk and Do” plan, Fresh another successful debate performance, Mr. Cummings detailed his 100 days plans, and platform.

According to Cummings, if elected, in the first 100 days he would begin the construction of Kesselly Boulevard to immediately relieve congestion and connect both sides of Monrovia. 

He’ll also immediately identify and fix many of the critical spots that cause breakdowns on critical routes such as Rivercess to Maryland Ganta to Tappita, Tappita to Zwedru, Ganta to Sanniquellie and ensure all road projects funded by tax dollars are built by Liberians.

He promised to create 100,000 immediate jobs youth to rehabilitate social infrastructure, including schools, community health centers, and sanitation facilities in their communities.

The ANC political leader said indicated that he would launch US$20 million empowerment fund to support women and youth owned businesses as well as farmers.

Cummings said he would boost the agriculture sector by convening a forum with farmers and experts from across the country to make recommendations on how to double Liberian rice production within two years, cut the price of Liberian rice by 25% and improve the quality of Liberian rice seed.

The ANC-led government in its 100 days would also begin the enforcement of the Liberianization policy, immediately conduct an audit of all businesses that are operating under the category secured for Liberians only. He said he will institute the adoption of “Buy Liberian” procurement plan and maintenance policy by all government apparatus and parastatals to support domestic business.

Cummings intend cutting waste in government in the first 100 days by issuing Executive orders to standardize vehicles and other capital purchases to reduce cost and waste in government; freeze all non-essential government travels, except those related to economic development objectives and restrict all approved travels to economy class.

To fight corruption in the first 100 days, Cummings says he would strengthen the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), General Auditing Commission (GAC), Public Procurement Concession Commission (PPCC) and Internal Audit Agency (IAA).

As part of empowerment plans for women in the first 100 days, Cummings says he would ensure that 30-40 percent of cabinet appointments will be females. He would also establish a Women’s Empowerment Council to make recommendations to the President on how to unlock economic opportunities for Liberian women. Further to that, he would launch an annual US$5 million women empowerment program fund.

Focusing on primary care for children and preventative care for everyone, he said paying health workers more will result in better care for all.

Enforcing the Liberianization policy and initiating a “Buy Liberian” campaign to support Liberian owned businesses.

He said he plan to prioritize infrastructure – ensuring electricity, roads, clean water, internet and cell phone connectivity throughout the country.