What Time Do Have To Create A New Generation?


Can we stop bad propagation in Liberia in order to build a new 100 year generation?

YES, we can start a new generation that will think less of going to Europe or America before living a good life or before knowing what a good environment is.

We can do this by starting to change ourselves and to change the ways our forefathers lived in this country, a country that we all are proud of and claimed allegiance to.

First, no one should make himself/herself a guest to this land but we should all make ourselves belonged as we claimed we are.

Second, we all should love this country alone and above all be willing to live here with all our families (except for short time stay abroad for advance medical or educational purposes) in order to keep our wealth (money) in our own banks so that the money can be used by our banks to fund (loan) Liberians who would love to go into private businesses like merchandising and cash agriculture.

Surely if you ask my opinion, I will tell you that the reason why financial hardships such like high exchange rate and high prices continue to suffer the grass root of this country is because certain people have long ago made themselves guests but not a tribe in this country who live abroad and continue to live abroad so as to continue to draw the US Dollars from our banks thus creating scarcity of the US Dollars all the time.

This is the same reason why they refused to develop the country over the 130 years of their rule. They prioritized development in their own quarters but refused to extend same to the majority.

It was the same reason why they used government as the only source of getting money but refused to subsidize private sector for self-employment for the Liberian populace.

This same old attitude of taking government money for personal use and leaving the country undone has been perpetuated into this post era by Ellen and her children and her relatives and her friends of the same breed.

With a 2.5 billion Dollars lying in US Bank for Robert Sirleaf plus other people’s undisclosed amounts, they’re leaving the government to go sit overseas to enjoy the fruits of our resources. They’re not investing the stolen money in our country to create jobs and build homes for rent or buy.

I believe that the preparation for a 100 year new generation that will not have the need to go oversea before acquiring good education, before seeing good road network, before getting 24 hour electricity/water & gas and nonstop internet system, before getting good medical attention, before buying or renting good apartment/condo/ condominium, before riding on a cruise and any other good thing that these people love to enjoy in the western world should begin now with us by starting to change few things that I may talk about later.

However, one of such changes we need is for the Legislature to pass a bill for the 17th tribe in Liberia and begin to give jobs to people who have returned home with their entire family who choose not to go live overseas again even after their government services.

When we stand strong together to create these changes, we will be doing a great deal of service to ourselves for now (like no one will take the US currency abroad that’ll lead to high exchange rate on the local market) and best for our posterity who may not have to go to the western world to work two to three jobs as the only way to afford the high cost of living there, most times without enough savings in order to come home.

As this year elections time draws near I urge all Liberians to carefully choose their leaders; leaders who have assets in this country, leaders who love development and leaders who will always keep on this ground because we need black roads (not red roads) all over this country (not just major highways but every village road should have cottar in the next 100 years) so that bad road conditions would not prevent foreign investors from going to Lofa, Gbapolu, Nimba, Bong and to the Southeastern region.

Paul Tarsleh,
Sacramento, California, USA