The Joseph Nyuma Boakai That I Know…


It is quite scaring, unfathomable and disturbing how people willfully and intentionally construct and peddle plain lies and sheer gossips with ease and pride in these days Liberia — I mean they do it fearlessly, wow!

What is even despicable, annoying and inconceivable is how these people muster the courage to lie and destroy people and their relationships. What has gone wrong with Liberians? How come lying, gossip and wickedness have all become a way of life in our country, yet, we claim to be a God-fearing nation?

It was just recently that it dawned on me that our country has got real wicked and malcontent people in high places—I mean people with profound influence in the highest echelon of our country. I also found out that these same people, who, we can classify as forces of evil, are dreadfully determined to destroy our country.

In recent times, the political airspace has been rife with panoply of fabricated stories against our distinguished leader, most senior esteemed comrade, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, the mosaic of modern day Liberian politics, and no doubt, one of Africa’s few surviving legends.

The truth of the matter is that, Vice President Boakai has being reading these stories on the pages of the newspapers and following the narratives on the social media (Facebook) with deep shock and consternation. And he is asking a few of us around him, “Are they referring to me, Joseph Nyuma Boakai or another Boakai?” He furthered, “I think it’s another Boakai not the Joe Boakai from Warsongar, Foya”.

He is totally shocked to hear the bundle of lies and total nonsense people are saying about him around here. That he and people around him are seeking to go after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, her children and confidants should he become president.

That Veep Boakai has people around him that hate President Sirleaf to the roof and that he has a grand plan to alienate and exile some people when he becomes president.

These are all misrepresentation of the fact and a package of lies from the depth of hell orchestrated by these same wicked people that are placed in privileged and influential positions. Theirs is to sow seeds of discords between Madam Sirleaf and her brother of ages simply because disharmony is what they feed on.

These are mere pretenders and bunch of greedy elements claiming and masquerading as loyalists of Madam Sirleaf. NO, they are not earnest loyalists! They are actually the ones that hate the President and really do not care about the survivability of her legacy. They are the ones who want to see this country retrogress because for them, it actually matters less or not what happens to Liberia after President Sirleaf.

Yet, they pose as people who are concerned about the Madam’s legacy. In fact, when all is said and done, some of them will hardly telephone President Sirleaf to find out how she is faring.

It would be rather preposterous and unimaginable for anyone to interpose that Veep Boakai is not interested in the Sirleaf legacy and that he wants to butcher the legacy. By the way, is Veep Boakai not part of the legacy?

Has he not been and still is, the dutiful, loyal and committed Vice President who is committedly assisting in building this legacy? Can Vice President Boakai divorce himself from Madam President after all these years of solid bond, camaraderie and solidarity?

When Vice President Boakai says he will consolidate the gains made to derive a formidable future for the country and its people; is that somebody who wants to shatter the legacy of Madam Sirleaf?

I hope these liars, spoilers and fake news carriers can pause and relax their devilish ego for a moment and reflect on these questions. I am also praying to God to quickly expose these fake people to Madam Sirleaf, for they are neither interested in her legacy nor the future of our country.

Now, let’s speak about the Boakai that I know. I have worked with this distinguished gentleman for little over three years. Over these years, a whole lot has changed in my life.

He is a man with a large heart and a man of faith and a forgiving soul. He carries no modicum of vengeance in his heart for anybody; in fact, we know for sure that the people that hurt or harm him are the ones he shows more love and care for.

Gossip, conspiracy, machination and subverting people are not things he encourages around him. No, he is interested in people and his relationship with them especially those he has known for the most part of his life—so does his wife and their children. The Boakais are meek and welcoming people, and they believe in protecting their relationships no matter what.

Over these years, I know how the Vice President has molded me and soften my heart. I also know how he has positively shaped others around him.

Another nonsense these “bad-news peddlers” are heralding around the place is that Wilmot Paye and Robert Kpadeh are the two extremists around the Vice President, and are ill-advising him against President Sirleaf. In fact, they present a picture that Wilmot and Robert do not like the president. What a boldface and brazen lie!

This is viciousness to the height.

Yes, it is true that Wilmot and I are dependable confidants of Veep Boakai. He is our leader and our father.

Secondly, we strongly believe in his ability to pick the baton from Madam Sirleaf, consolidate the gains made and marshal the country to new heights.

In him, we see an exceptional leader, we find integrity and competence, and in him, we see a ready and prepared leader who has been tried and tested. And in him, we see a champion of peace, reconciliation and in him; we see a tolerant democrat and a campaigner of free expression.

Oh yes, in him, we see an experienced agriculturist that will propel Liberia to food self-sufficiency and a leader eager for road connectivity, and finally, in him, we see a real patriot who thinks Liberia, Loves Liberia and is relentlessly seeking an opportunity to Build Liberia. He is not a man desperately seeking power for parochial and egocentric purposes.

For us, it is a relishing privilege to know and be soldiers of this distinguished and towering leader, and our job, is to work the hardest to have him elected as president because we undoubtedly believe that his presidency would be in the interest of Liberia as well as in the interest of President Sirleaf.

So we occupy ourselves with this mission, not to plot confusion between President Sirleaf and Veep Boakai.

We are not interested in rivalry between the pair as some ludicrous and clueless elements would prefer. We are concerned about the forward march of our country, not witch-hunting and exterminating people as we have been vaguely accused of.

I should let you all know that, the first thing Deacon Boakai does for people around him is to orientate them to Godliness – Forgiveness, kindness, meekness, caring, sharing, humility, respect, honesty, morality and integrity are the things or may I say the values you get from Boakai, not gossip, lying, shenanigans, deception, arrogance, eliminating people and plotting rivalry and disharmony amongst people.

So may the word go forth, plain and clear that, Veep Boakai has no plan whatsoever to go after President Sirleaf, her children and some of her confidants. It has no ounce of truth, it is total gibberish.

It is a classic lie orchestrated by few vicious and twisted-minded folks claiming to be loyalists of President Sirleaf and very soon, Madam President will discover these horrible, ridiculous and counterproductive elements and will flank them away.

I know for a matter of fact that, Veep Boakai and his family are very much keen on protecting their relationship with the Sirleafs; I know for sure that, Veep Boakai is very much grateful to President Sirleaf for bringing him on and giving him the opportunity to serve his country as Vice President. It has been an honor for him to serve his country and to serve his people. And I know for sure that, he sees and considers her children as his children.

And let me make it abundantly clear that I have no anger and grudge against President Sirleaf as is being propagated by some petite fools and lying bats. I know God; he has been immeasurably good to me. I believe in the teaching of the Holy Bible, hence, vengeance is not mine.

In fact, I remain grateful to Madam Sirleaf for graciously affording me such rare opportunity to serve in her cabinet.

How and why I departed the administration remains history for me as I have since fast-forward with my life.

Finally, the Boakai that I know is a man of God and goodness, not a man of evil and a few months of politics and presidential election will never ever change him.

He remains the Boakai President Sirleaf met and has known for well over forty years now.

(Moncio) Robert Kpadeh, Contributing Writer