Struggle For Quality Education and Wrongful Implications of Successes


Hate messages have over the years separated our people through different forms leading to families and friends going at loggerheads for so many reasons.

Some of these reasons are the wrongful implications of people’s successes and perceived speculation about one’s lifestyle, there is a saying that says, “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”. 

Today, many of us have ignored the power of education. But insinuates that educated young men and who have striven for quality education over the years must succumb to a devilish lifestyle of being a bisexual, homosexual, lesbian, or member of a secret cult before having a lucrative job or living a comfortable life, something many frown on and refer to as “counterproductive” to the existence of our nation Liberia. 

What do you think “quality education” should give us? Hardship or a good life? It’s un-Godly to see some of those people who have maintained a conspicuous involvement with the devil for materialistic reasons.

The bible said, “for what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses  his soul”  – This article asks for forgiveness of some of those Prelates, Government Ministers, Students, Bankers, Fathers, and Mothers who are living such life, and ask for God’s direction upon their lives.”

Lord please forgives than for they don’t know what they are doing” Because of these people lifestyle, many young children who over the years have struggled for quality education are wrongfully accused of being gay, lesbians or member of a secret cult without any scenario or facts.

In an example of wrongful implications, if two men were friends for a very long time and broke off for different reasons and one decided to make his adversary unpopular and refer to him as a gay, many runs with such information without independently verifying such information.

Similarly, the ladies She struggles with her “sell-pay” market for years, today she’s traveling to China, they will say “she either using medicine or she is a lesbian”.

And these wrongful accusations lead to hatred. Why Liberians?  

This is the million dollar question. Do you think all of us need to join a secret cult or become gays or lesbians before having a good job or traveling to China for goods?

The answer is no! There are many successful people today in Liberia who is not gay, lesbian or member of any secret cult.

In Liberia, if you are down the line struggling for survival nobody sees you to be a gay or lesbian, just own one little old car or have a good job, then many perceived speculations surrounds the source of your upliftment that is far from your real self. 

What is more disgusting is the accusation that comes from friends and relatives that seems easy to believe by many people.

Some may be the truth but many come at the result of mere envy, and jealousy among others … that is destroying the fabric of our beloved country.

Even lovers and wives accused their partners too … Some accused their partners because of some personal domestic issues. But are these accusations truth?

Please find out before believing.  

Caution! We will name and shamed anybody caught in such activities, but please don’t wrongfully accused people on the basis of gossip, envy, perceived speculations, and jealousy. But the real issues with facts to substantiate claims against that person.

Who can we blame for this wild spread of this un-Godly behavior in our country is another million dollar question?

This article seeks to condemn all those Practicing homosexuals, lesbianism and members of a secret cult, and stand with those who are wrongfully accused because of their success story.

Anthony Roberts, II – Contributing Writer

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