Questionable Liberty Party, Prince Johnson Marriage


The Charles Brumskine–Prince Johnson marriage lacks principles and integrity but is rooted in money, money and money.

That Prince Johnson has denounced Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for corruption and nepotism, and yet the whole world knows that Ellen is bankrolling the campaign of Charles Brumskine and Prince Johnson shows up at a Brumskine political rally to worship Brumskine? Are you serious Senator Prince Yormie Johnson?

What is this thing that tribal political leaders must always bow down to the congua politicians? Is PYJ now lobbying for a VP slot under Charles Brumskine?

I have yet to see any member of the tiny minority Congua accept to be VP to a tribal presidential candidate. But we natives must always play second fiddle to the Congua despite our overwhelming majority of 95 percent of the population.

That you can’t get the natives to come together and unite into a formidable opposition is the works of the Congua throwing money at tribal politicians to remain divided. The CDC-George Weah marriage to Charles Taylor’s NPP and Jewel Taylor speaks volumes.

That Joseph Boakai is only given lipservice support by Ellen who is reportedly dishing out millions of dollars and cars to Brumskine tells you that we natives will continue to ride in the back of the political bus in Liberian politics.

Now Boakai, PYJ and Weah are going their separate ways and in the end Ellen and her controlled NEC would declare “victory” to Brumskine and then tell the world “democracy is working in Liberia because the ruling party lost.”

We call on the other lesser known political party leaders led by natives to please rally behind Joseph Boakai or there may not be a runoff. We need to throw our numbers at these Ellennites masquerading as opposition political party leaders but heavily financed by Ellen: Charles Brumskine in particular.

Indeed, some native politicians have sold their souls for money, blinded by the false dogma imposed on us by the tiny Congua relegating natives to eternal inferiority and that we are our own worst enemies. This is what is unfolding to see Prince Johnson show up at a Charles Brumskine rally.

What message is Prince Johnson sending to honor the memories of prominent Nimba County citizens murdered at the hands of those who funded Charles Taylor and the NPFL: Jackson F. Doe, Same Dokie, Moses Dopoe, General Thomas Quiwonkpa and others? Brumskine Senate Pro-Tempore leader in the rubberstamp Charles Taylor-led NPP National Legislature. Don’t tell the Giovanni and Mano people of Mr Nimba County that you Prince Johnson has forgiven the crimes committed against your people.

But I pray it is not too late for other native political leaders to put principles, integrity, dignity, self-worth, pride, culture and history above money which is the root of all evil. God help our people. We shall overcome one day in Liberia.

Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Journalist and Political Commentator
Washington, DC, USA