‘My Husband and I Understand Your Plights’ – Theresa Cummings


Dear Women of Liberia, 

When I first met my husband, Alexander B. Cummings, over thirty-five years ago, his love for Liberia could not have been clearer.

Liberia was and always will be his first love. I have been blessed to not only fall in love not only with both the man, but the country as well. 

My husband and I have traveled all over Liberia, doing our small part to provide relief and assistance to his fellow country men and women through our family’s foundation.

Whether it was providing medical supplies to rural health centers or paying scholarship and WAEC exam fees for thousands of students in Liberia, my husband has always provided whatever he could to help his fellow Liberians. 

Through my work, I have come to know the struggles and issues that many of you, especially Liberian women and people with disabilities encounter in your daily life. I see how hard you work to put food on the table and provide for your families. 

You and I know both know you deserve a better life, and the opportunity is now here.

My husband has a deep understanding of the problems facing Liberia, and I strongly believe he is the best person to solve them. 

My husband is a man of integrity, an esteemed businessman admired around the world for his leadership, with a true vision of hope and prosperity for Liberia.

My husband is dedicated to empowering Liberian women and has promised to make at least 30% of his cabinet women and will launch a women empowerment fund to support Liberian businesswomen when elected president. 

As mothers and daughters, market women and business owners, midwives and nurses, teachers and activists, police officers and armed force personnel, whether in Chicken Soup Factory or German Camp, Beyan’s Town or Baby’s Ma, Saclipea or Zwedru, ELWA or Baikolleh Junction: you have been and remain at the frontline — the voices and the hands — changing Liberia. 

None of us should feel comfortable standing on the sidelines when so much is at stake in this this country we all love. You must take this opportunity, and vote to change Liberia.  

I share with you my humble yet strong belief that like you, my husband, Alexander B. Cummings is striving for a better Liberia, a Liberia you and your children all deserve. 

When my seven-year-old granddaughter asked me recently why her grandfather wanted to be President, I told Nyah this simple truth: he believes in Liberia and he wants all Liberians to have reason to believe in Liberia too. 

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Theresa Cummings