Literally The Call To Arms That We Tribal People Validated


I have been vindicated by VP Joe Boakai’s statement that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is not supporting him to succeed her.

Thank you Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai. This validates literally the call to arms that we tribal people need to unite to contest the presidential elections in October. Ellen and the Americo-Liberians/Congua see Liberia only as their money making plantation.

The facts of our constant abuse since the beginning of our nationhood 170 years ago will bear me out about Ellen and the Congua’s total contempt and disdain for native Liberians and that we are only good to be used like a toilet tissue and then flush us down the toilet once there is no use for us anymore.

They only change personnel but the strategy and objectives are the same: divide and conquer and Liberia remains their money making plantation.

The game plan has been in the making for a long time. President Sirleaf is on records as saying that parties that don’t form alliances will not win. How does she know?

During a visit to Malawi, February 1-4, 2014, President Ellen Johnson reportedly told President Joyce Banda of Malawi that during elections, fighting corruption takes a back seat. You do whatever it takes to win.

President Banda didn’t take kindly to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s advice and said: “I have chosen to fight against corruption in this country (Malawi) though I have been advised (by President Sirleaf of Liberia) not to because we are drawing closer to this year’s elections (May 20, 2014),” she said.

Vice President Joseph Boakai finally confirmed this week what every Liberian has been saying that President Sirleaf supports her fellow Congua Charles Brumskine of the opposition Liberty Party and not her loyal native Vice Presidrnt Joseph Nyuma Boakai of her own ruling Unity Party.

President Sirleaf gave credence to this information last week in Nimba County when asked by UP women who were decked in T-shirts bearing the portrait of VP Boakai.

Only for Ellen to disappoint them by saying she was not in Nimba to talk politics but will support whoever wins the election.

President Sirleaf taps her longtime ACDL friend Amos Sawyer who both gave us Charles Taylor, the NPFL, NPP, death and destruction for 14 years to head her quasi body designed to undermine and overshadow the constitutionally mandated National Elections Commission (NEC).

This week, an employee in President Sirleaf’s office, Amos Siebo was busted with NEC election materials with everything from cameras, voter registration cards, forms, printers, etc.

Amos Siebo was arrested with five others but other NEC staffers believed to be part of the elections rigging ring are on the run. What did the President know and when did she know it?

The Chairman of the NEC once worked in the law offices of Ellen’s choice for President Charles Brumskine.

How did the NEC elections materials leave the headquarters to end up in the home of President Sirleaf’s staffer, Amos Siebo? God alone knows how many more Amos Siebos are out there that may never be discovered why countless elections materials in their possession.

You add up all these puzzles together and you have a recipe to rig the elections in October.

It is therefore prudent that all the political parties and our Senate and the entire Legislature demand the removal of all five Commissioners of the NEC and their immediate replacement by citizens recommended by the political parties, civil society and the religious community.

It is obvious the NEC leadership had been compromised with this recklessness in handling elections materials.

The elections should be cancelled/postponed or boycotted by the political parties.

All election materials out there be rendered null and void and be recalled and burned/destroyed. There should be a new Interim Chairman and an Interim Transitional Government for 12 months beginning next January after Ellen’s term expires.

We must request the United Nations, the European Union, ECOWAS, the African Union and our biggest supporter the United Stated to help us organize and supervise new elections in October 2018 under the new Interim Government. President Sirleaf should have no role in naming the new National Interim Chairman.

Just a thought and not a sermon.

Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Journalist and Political Commentator Washington, DC, USA