PPP Will Make Liberia Education Sector More Messy


Dear Mr. Sieh,

Thanks for your publication on the Public-Private Partnership and other stories on Education. Actually, the PPP will lead to more mess in education because process is not managed well.

The Ministry failed to raise a red flag over the Random Control Trial prior to signing MoU of enormous proportion to Liberia’s sagging education program – outside the approval of the national legislature for these reasons:

  1. Minister Werner has no respect for his colleagues. 
  2. There is a Deputy and Assistant Minister who are poorly treated by Werner. All functions have been taken away from these individuals. These are the individuals that should guide the ministry’s plans, projects, regulations, policies, etc.
  3. Secondly, Bridge is using 50 million for pilot project (1million per school). It is not possible to use 50million just for running 50 schools. When the processes are implemented in 200 schools they will need 200 million. This is just a “chopping time” for Bridge and Werner.
  4. Both Committees on Education have favored Werner as a result of personal connections. Therefore, there is no oversight provided by Senator Taylor and Rep. Zarzar. Education Sector is left to sail on its own with no direction.

Other issues within the Ministry if exposed will seriously embarrass Government but some of us must not be a part of the ship that sinks with the Liberian Children who deserves better. I am a staff of the Ministry paid as a Contractor/Consultant by a Development Partner for the past five years.

Ministry of Education has lost needed support because of the arrogance of Minister Werner, lack of leadership and corruption. On numerous occasions development partners are insulted in meetings and told “Ministry of Education doesn’t need your money”.

He doesn’t understand the sector and listens to no staff. He screams at his staff and controls all meetings with his views being heard and accepted as the final. No one dares to differ because he will not speak to you nor involve you in further activities or meetings.

There are reports of corruption and misuse of partners’ funds.  The Ministry missed opportunities to access funds for programs intended to commence in September 2016:

1.11.9 million- Global Partnership for Education (to support Basic Education Programs) 2.10 million – European Union (Ready for Life program targeting out of school children) 3.10 million – European Union (Technical and Vocation Training Program in high schools) 4.1 million- Capacity Support and Early Childhood program Situation at Ministry is alarming.

Government of Liberia is having serious budgetary constraints while Werner egotism is resulting to the Liberian children being denied quality education through the support of partners.

Please investigate this story and help us advocate for Werner to do what is right in the interest of the Liberian Children and Youth. Feel free to contact me if you need any clarification.

Hector Kaba