Liberians Deserve To Be Dual Citizens


The Editor,

Just wondering why Liberians are not allowed Dual Citizenship especially those who currently live abroad in America. If my memory served me, our founding fathers were all American.

Today, once you travel out of Liberia, and told any foreign friend, you came from Liberia, you are automatically consider American by all means.

I believe Liberians living in America holds the economy of Liberia in so many ways.

They help their relatives, children, families, and friends with any little amount of money they have.

Whatever is send from abroad (money) is used in Liberia which helps generate revenue for the Liberian economy.

It is my personal understanding when Liberians living abroad are given the chance for dual citizenship our country will move forward for positive development.

It will also create jobs, and reduce the unemployment. Liberians living in America, majority of them are well educated and owned business which could also help Liberia if they were giving the chance to contribute to their native land.

Today, I see foreigners taking over our land abundantly with no justification only to bribe their way through. Why are we shooting ourselves every day why?

Nigeria, Ghana, and many other African countries have Dual Citizenship with America. Why Liberia.

If our so called Senate and House doesn’t change their decision, and allow Liberians home, our country will be taken away by foreigners very quickly.

I am requesting all young Liberians, and the most moderate Liberians not the old fools to allow Dual Citizenship for Liberians so they can help with development for our beloved country.

If this happens, it will eliminate some of the issues facing Liberia today, such as every individual wanting to be President. Development brings about happiness, and love. Hint to a wise.

Molley C. Ballah,
[email protected]