In Dr. Lester Tenny Post, FPA Finds Yet Another Cannon Fodder


The Editor,

It seems like from moment Dr. Lester Tenny hit the submit button of his Facebook post the various forces that make up the CDC froze and remained frozen for now.

For some unexplained reasons, no one wants to be the individual who took Lester on.

There are those – mainly opponents of the CDC – who find Dr. Lester Tenny’s post a valuable opportunity through which they will continue their vilification and denigration of the organization and its leadership style.

For them, this is an opportunity of a lifetime – they are literally cheering him on to the high heavens.

Suddenly, a Facebook post that qualifies as a melodramatic diatribe has become a FrontPageAfrica story in a major national newspaper! Dr. Tenny’s post has unleashed torrents of energies for consumption by opponents of the CDC.

Surprisingly, FrontPageAfrica has ensconced herself as the proverbial “tip of the spear” of the CDC’s antagonists. Some are praying that something happens – anything to derail the CDC’s agenda.

Glancing through the paper’s recent stories, op-eds, and editorials one would mistake the entity for an opposition digest and or a Hornet’s nest for anything anti-CDC.

In my humble opinion, Dr. Lester Tenny Facebook post is being deliberately exploited as yet another convenient cannon fodder in FrontPageAfrica’s media war with the CDC

Whatever Dr Lester Tenny’s motivations are, it is our hope that they are rooted in altruism and the sincere desire to “get things done” – We do not question them.

But it is our hope that future instances are channeled through the party’s built-in structure to avoid the appearance of partisans going rogue due to the nonexistence of frameworks of resolution and or leadership aloofness.

As a partisan, I am aware that there are available mechanisms through which internal dissent – especially on topics that have the potential to engender fissures are properly handled – we can only wonder if those avenues were explored.

For now, the air is pregnant with expectations – many are wondering what happens next?

As we brace ourselves for the thaw – the fallout of Dr. Tenny’s post – speculations and questions abound.

Will Dr. Lester Tenny be reprimanded? Will supporters of the young men and women who were subtopics of Dr. Lester Tenny’s post react?

No one knows. It is my plea that all parties exercise restraint! 

Benjamin Kofa Fyneah, 
[email protected]