Journalist Role to Calm Tension As Supreme Court,  NEC Find Amicable Solution


“Liberian Journalists are more than sophisticated; they are capable to professionally quirt on going tensions”.

The role of the media to relax tension is now. Please, do not ask me how I perform this role. 

Your profession as a journalist is so vital because you shift opinions and that is the reason many people will wish to hear from you for a decision to be taken. 

Therefore, consider yourself opinion leader because of your role in the socio, political and economic viability of a democratically growing community or nation. 

Check where great men of the New World placed you as a journalist.

President Thomas Jefferson of the United States said, “Where it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers (journalists) or newspapers (journalists) without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter (journalists)” 

The quotation above solidified the huge responsibility and respect the journalist has.

The newspaper in the quotation Jefferson is referencing is the human beings, Journalists. 

Do not get carry away to say how do I become government?

Yes, your role is neutral. For this reason, the government, and private institutions considered journalists as one who to rely upon.   

In time like these in our nation where humanly there is no certainty; it is the media, journalists the population now target in these times of uncertainties. 

As media practitioners would complicate this tension parked political playing atmosphere to become very cool, it is possible to increase the tension that could degenerate our peace into misunderstanding. 

Our role is to psychologically continue our message to the population or nation is to preach how our children’s future will not be destroyed, rather, enhanced when our nation is peaceful. 

Let’s not overlooked our profession; our young talk show hosts need to know these legal attributes that unknowingly sometimes lead to ethical transgressions. 

Those into the establishment of media institutions need to know that they will attract unqualified people coming to the profession without the basis and at the end of it all; journalists are all placed in the same category. 

Journalists are capable of stabilizing or straightening up the crackly path. 

The profession is so balance to the point that as a journalist you ask yourself if your story is balance. 

You are capable of stabilizing any problem depending on the news worthiness projection journalists wish; specifically looking from a positive perspective. 

I do agree that a journalist is a social mirror into which a nation, community or population looks to clean up the socio political and economic potency. 

Our sophistication as journalist puts the population right in check and all in a straight line; that’s we are security in a larger sense but without arresting power. 

That is why journalists are referred as the fourth estate. We perform the role within the functionaries of a state as a watch dog of society. 

The journalists are objective in their story and that is why journalists are respected so hugely.

Journalists are even more than capable of widen the gap of instability and cause chaos within a community or nation. 

Liberia’s prevailing elections dissatisfaction on one hand, the NEC on the other and those who took to the court and finally electorates who are kept in suspense for these long period and soon experience voting fatigue are complex situations accumulating are equally not to be forgotten. 

What should not be our role  – Though, someone says, there is no neutrality. I may likely agree but your role is compromised and you become branded journalists; your articles are placed under the spotlight and examined to find frauds even if there is not.  

You sometimes speak and your direction is immediately defined to an extent that your audience does not take you seriously.

The community we lived is not to that point where peoples do not find problem with these. 

You have some percentage of following never mine but have at the back of your mind another percentage who follows and comprehensively taking notes to keep you on record. 

A nation in Africa South of the Sahara lost millions of citizens due to what I must record as carelessness; and it is said, a journalist was responsible. 

A journalists must know and come to term to know your means and bound.

That is, a journalist must understand the possibilities or outcome of what is written or said; it may foster peace or enhance the nation disunity. 

Liberia first; must be the banner Liberian journalist needs to carry. Though, we understand that a bad sole needs a very harsh medication.  

This formula is not applicable in the journalism profession. We are obligated to our nation and see its growth from every positive direction.  

Richie Garley Grear, Liberian Journalist

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