Global Witness Bribery: There Are Evidence To Indict Fombah Sirleaf


This is the same old song, the same deja vu of giving excuses not to indict Fomba Sirleaf, yet again.

Are the “investigators” saying they can’t find any evidence on Fomba’s hunting trip to South Africa? What about evidence from the airline about how his ticket was paid for?

The ticket had to be in Fomba’s name, the hotel room where he stayed had to be in Fomba’s name – and how were these services paid for by Sable? Everything can’t be cash for a business company that has kept records on all of those indicted so far.

There is video record of Fomba going in and out of the hotel in South Africa, arrival and departure records with both the Liberian and South African immigration at the airports, restaurant/food payment receipts, etc.

So what the heck Fonati Koffa and his bunch of so-called investigators are talking about that they don’t have enough evidence to indict Fomba? Give whatever little evidence that you have on Fomba to the Grand Jury and let the jurors determine if the evidence can’t hold water or not enough to convicted him.

How did Sable arrive at the price tag of $7,598.00 for Fomba Sirleaf?

These are the same investigators who said Sable people flew to Liberia from South Africa with “$500,000.00 CASH” and gave same to Eugene Shannon and ECB Jones and were able to provide the “evidence” but can’t come up with the video and paper trail for Fomba’s hunting safari to South Africa? Give me a break.

This whole thing of giving excuses for Fomba and the others (Cletus Wortorson and Sumo Kupee) is all part of a cover up by the Task Force to shield them from prosecution. Fomba is President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s son, Hello?

This is the same Fomba Sirleaf who got away with the NSA-Executed armed robbery against South Korean businessmen that netted his agents some $250,000.00. That was the work of another “Presidential Investigator, David Jallah” who recommended that the government should refund the $250,000.00 to the Koreans even before any trial was ever held.

Then a judge ruled that the Koreans could not have been the victims of the NSA agents executed armed robbery because of prior “agreement/arrangement between the NSA armed robbers and the gold seller” who reportedly had the $250,000.00 in his possession.

But Fomba Sirleaf’s NSA had told former Justice Minister Christina Tah in a written statement that his “NSA agents seized from the South Koreans US counterfeit money in the amount of $49,500.00 and cyanide meant to both ruin the banking system and to commit terrorism in Liberia.”

And why didn’t the judge ask Fomba and his agents to produce the seized counterfeit money and the cyanide as evidence seized in their armed raid against the South Koreans is another mystery of government special “investigators.”

Therefore we should not be surprised if this golden boy son of President Sirleaf is not indicted again. But this case and other cases in which Fomba is linked can be revisited under a new President of Liberia by next year. Fomba’s luck will run out one day.

Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Journalist and Political Commentator
Washington, DC, USA