ECOWAS Seek Every Peaceful Avenue – The Republic of Gambia


I am pleased to recommend to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee for Adama Barrow and the Coalitions in The Republic of Gambia to be awarded the Peace Prize.

Despite the niggling tendency of President Jammeh to ignite civil clashes that possibly lead to arm skirmishes seems to deny the lawful owners of state power in The Gambia and make none avoid all of the necessary work done to have a newly elected Government none avoid seems not to sail as the belligerent Jammeh has designed.

He is uncomfortably restless since his defeat and inwardly cursing his own star; “Who the hell told me to run my mouth to congratulate President elect Barrow for his victory in the elections for which I should have emulating Africa all time longest serving President Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Whenever the God of Heaven is ready for the redemption of the people, he do not count who will be an obstacle, rather, He without request from be it so-called African or where you from, have all of the arsenal where the atomic guns and bombs are stored or the so-called most powerful, you must pay attention to His command.

That is what just happens in the case of West Africa all times President, Dictator Yahay Jammeh who has fallen flat on the face and finding every tricks to implicate all of the people.

After all, our ECOWAS Leaders need to approach this warlike personality with some degree of caution; this man is not under the influence of anything rather just what we classified in Liberia as ‘high grade’, in other words try and error. 

I must admit the calmed and diplomatic posture of the President elect of the Gambia and coalitions politicians.

I say, “They are all sober minded personalities who have calculated and concluded that any option apart from peaceful settlement will defeat the purpose of holding elections to improve the lives of their people”.

 Even with the departure of the Chairman of Gambian Election Commission the Freedom Newspaper lamented, these Statesmen remain resolute and continue to hold to wait.

Election Commissioner, Alieu Mamar Njai according to the paper left the shows of the Gambia last night (January 3, 2017) alleging that President Yahay Jammeh was after his head.

With revelations that The Gambian Election Commission has since resettled in neighboring Senegal for his own personal safety, is said to be in Dakar.

The Hand of God is upon the people of The Gambia because they have long endured hardship of their leader for which they decided to come together as political parties to rallying around President elect Adama Barrow.

  • These Gambian politicians are really between the cutters; thinking about 1. What really happens to our people who elected us should we force President Jammeh out of power?
  • “Who then do we lead as our subjects ‘if our people’ are scattered in the Sub region among several troubling analysis?
  • Some of these politicians will equally look at the fragility of people who are even out there that the United Nations is unable to cater for and why should they make their friends and relatives suffer the more after Jammeh twenty years?

The ECOWAS needs to understand all of these issues; the international communities that normally rally when Africa is in crisis are having their own domestic problems that they are cooping to come to term.

Nigeria, we are depending on in West Africa are literally having compound complex situation with inadequacy of finances, the insurgence, and several other domestic problems; these are serious factors that are needed to be considered.

To remove a sitting dictator in power for so long and have friends equally like you and all of us do, even Satan do have friends and removing this person by force; I see the entire war in Sera cooling and West Africa taking over with all the bad news about water shortage, no food for the kids and the rest.

Appreciatively, I am hearing from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that the President of the Republic of Guinea, Professor Alpha Kunde is one of those who is championing the none violent  approach to solve the problem in The Gambia.

According to the BBC, it is assumed that Professor Kunde is visiting The Gambia to meet with President Dictator Jammeh to see reason for a peaceful resolution of this matter.

Our caution is for ECOWAS to be mindful how to go about finding a solution to this problem in the Gambia. There are equally some politicians who are making threatening remarks that the outgoing president will be brought to justice.

Even though, you have the right to express what you wish to but be mindful because if this Dictator is not willing to leave as he continues to hear these remarks, where will you get him to bring him to justice?

I am sure that is a sad mistake on the part of those who are calling for President Jammeh to be brought to justice.

If you are so in a rush to punish your enemy, it is possible you will be unable to reach him before getting to punish him; that is, If it left with some of us in Liberia who went through the bitterness of war to go in another man’s country, we will which that The Gambians give peace a chance. 

Richie Garley Grear, Contributing Writer
Journalist / Politician