• 'Autopsy In'

    “There is also statement that there was a cut on the head, for today medicine can determine whether or not an injury on the body occurred or took place or was inflicted prior to death or is inflicted after death...” - Cllr. Benedict Sannoh, Minister of Justice, Liberia

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  • 'Harry Drowned?'

    FrontPageAfrica has been able to confirm from family sources that the Ministry of Justice has notified Greave’s widow that her husband died of drowning. The families, according to sources, have expressed a desire to prepare Mr. Greaves for burial.

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  • In Memory of Sharon Washington

    “Peacefully sleeping, resting at last, the world’s weary trouble and trails are past. In silence she suffered, in patience she bore; till God called her home to suffer no more…”

  • Memorial Service For Rev. Brathwaite

    A memorial service for the late Rev. Napoleon Brathwaite III will be held on September 12th at the Peaceful Baptist Church in Flahn Town, Lower New Georgia at 10:00AM.

  • Lawrence A. Sneh Departs

    Filled with sadness, we announce the death of our beloved Lawrence A. Sneh, which occurred on July 29, 2015 at the Redemption Hospital, New Kru Town, Liberia.

  • Miata Watson Passes Away

    The Watson family announces the homegoing of Mrs. Miata Kromah Watson. She died on July 26, 2015 at her residence in Monrovia. She was 77 years old.

Al Johnson, Liberian Actor

As a child of a Liberian Father and a Liberian Mother, Americo-Liberian cinema and television actor Al Johnson, is the nephew of the current president of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  Al built his reputation as a performer in sitcoms, commercial  ads, and by hosting major club events in the early 90's and the 2000's in the Atlanta area, before segueing into Nollywood movies in 2010.

Born in Liberia on March 2, 1976, Al grew up in Brewerville, Liberia a Congo settlement outside of Monrovia.  He was 11 when he moved to America with his father who lived in Durham, NC, while his mother was still in Liberia. At 15, he was very involved with acting to the point he started creating many friends in the entertainment industry.  These friends afforded him the opportunity to host parties for many of the local Atlanta clubs, where his friends where promoters.  In the late 90's he then founded the Original Monrovia Classic Association, along with his cousin DJ Blue. In 2004 Al became the first Liberian to sign a major record contract for his indie label  RCE, with the senior Vice president of Motown Sylvia Rhones, for his Artist Skitty MC. This deal was a joint venture with his childhood friend Senegalese Superstar Akon.

Al was so eager to still become an actor that he started to focus solely on acting and landed his first role as an extra in CSI NY in 2008.  In 2009 he was part of  a casting with 50,000 people for a Dorito's Super bowl commercial and he made it to the top 5.  Though his commercial did not make the Super bowl, it created a major impact as he the first Liberian/African ever in an ad campaign that went viral for a Major Brand such as Dorito's.  Al's major break through role came in 2010 when he was cast in the Nollywood Movie "Black Money". For which he played a supporting role for Nollywood Superstars Van Vicker and John Dumelo.  He also made appearances, in the upcoming Nollywood film "Domino Effect." His most present project's are  "Is there a price to loyalty?" the story of Liberian War Lord Charles Taylor, where Al is cast as Charles Taylor - slated for release in summer 2015.  Also, he is  working on "Bendu Sudan 2" alongside Van Vicker on location in Liberia. Al is married with three kids. He is the spokesperson for his Wife's non- profit, " Worlds Women's Health ", which assists rape victims in African and around the world.

Lisette Mibo, UK Super Model

The first born of five girls, graduated with BA in criminology with Sociology. Two times awarded "Best Female Model" in 2012 and 2013, featured numerously on the covers of magazines such as Amina magazine (France), OhYes magazine (Ghana), DivaScribe magazine (UK), Tropics Magazine (South Africa), Zen magazine (Nigeria) and many more ... taken part at the international catwalk shows in Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom where she currently resides. A native of the Democratic Republic  of the Congo; Ms Mibo was born in September 1987 in Kinshasa, the birthplace of  infectious Afro rhythms and dances. She discovered her passion for modeling during her college years, however, she started professionally soon after the birth of her daughter in 2010 and she has never looked back and continues to rise.

Though modeling and motherhood characterize her life, Ms Mibo also supports and works closely with charitable organisations within the United Kingdom that campaign and run, empowering projects in her native DR Congo in support of vulnerable children and their families. For Mibo; it's heartbreaking knowing that her beloved nation  knows very little stability with a low quality of living; including poor education system, poor health services and many more ills, despite the country being one of the countries in the world with the richest soil, not forgetting millions of children and their families whom are victims of the ills brought by decades of war. Mibo left  DR Congo at the tender age of 14 years and is very much familiar with the everyday struggles that the majority of the families goes through on the daily basis in order to survive. She's forever thankful to her parents for giving her and her siblings the opportunity to study and have a stable future in the United Kingdom but that was  never going to make her forget her roots, after all it's her "motherland" although she is very much British in her culture and considers Britain as her second home, her heart remains in the DR Congo.

As a result, she is determined to use her voice, talent and any given platform to advocate for all the children and the vulnerable families by working in partnership with existing organizations to rebuild a better Congo, a Congo with peace with itself.

Hence, in August 2013, Mibo launched her annual fundraising event and non-profit  organization titled "Passion For Motherland". Passion For Mother land the event is created to support empowering projects in the DR Congo by bringing like-minded individuals together to celebrate, network and discover new talents, burgeoning creativity in the fields of fashion, music and poetry whilst at the same time raising awareness and funds. The annual fundraising affair is set to be one of biggest events in London where designers from different backgrounds and cultures are to showcase their work alongside other talented artists such as musicians, poets, dancers and more.

Lisette Mibo is a commercial model; specializing in film and printed adverts, magazine features, catwalk shows, and making special guest appearances and guest speaker at events. She recently judged at the 1st Miss Afrique Francophone UK 2013. It was an awesome experience for her to have been on the deciding panel and to have been trusted for her experience and expertise in the fashion and beauty industry, alongside other co-judges in selecting a beauty queen with poise, elegance, intelligence and beauty.

Nominees for 2014 Liberia Music Awards

Nominees for Artist of the Year
1. Jodi - USA
2. David Mell
3. Sundaygar Dearboy
4. Tru Storry
5. Munnah
6. Kanvee Adams
7. Scientific
8. Fatu Gayflor
9. Saga Ap
10. Soul Fresh
11. Takun J
12. Bernice Blackie

Nominees for Video of the Year
1. International Girl - 2C
2. Azonto & Wine Master - Eben
3. One More Time - M'Press1Love
4. Failed State - Pochano
5. Esa Chica - Dahai
6. Celebration - Munnah
7. Song For Hawa - Takun J
8. Promise - DSP
9. Tricky Papaye - Shadow
10. Spend My Last Dime - Joe B
11. Pot Boiling - Xpolay Ft. Liberian Allstars (Romeo Lead, JD Donzo, Takun J, Bentman Tha Don, and Luckay Buckay)
12. Una Do It Again - Bernice Blackie

Nominees for Song of the Year
1. Pot Boiling Remix - Xpolay Feat. Liberian AllStars (Romeo Lead, JD Donzo, Takun J, Bentman Tha Don, and Luckay Buckay)
2. Jue You Bad - Queen V Feat. Tan Tan and DenG
3. Call the Police - Bene Volence (Bene Vee)
4. Cool your Temper - David Mell Feat. Chiller Coolnanee
5. Number One - Jodi feat. Bracket
6. Tricky Papaye - Shadow
7. Human Being Remix - Lil Beshop Feat. JB, Scientific, Sundaygar Dearboy
8 . U Nah Do It Again - Bernice Blackie
9. Azonto & Wine Master - Eben Feat. Greg & Narrator

Nominees for Group of the Year
1. Men of Respect (M.O.R.)
2. IAG (It's All Good)
3. Co-Star
4. Glorious Lamps
5. The Party Boyz
6. Soul Fresh
7. Styles Crew
8. B.I.G. Production (Brothers in the Game)

Nominees for Collaboration of the Year
1. Human Being Remix - Lil Beshop Feat. Sundaygar DearBoy, JB, Scientific
2. What's Up - Mr. Smith LIB Money feat. Marvelous MC, J D Donzo,Tan Tan, DJ Chicago, Takun J, Nasseman, Noy -Z, David Mell
3. Senior Player - Nate K feat. Jodi
4. Trouble Maker - Raw Pekin feat. FEJ
5. Jue You Bad - Queen V Feat. Tan Tan and DenG
6. Dey Say Dey Say - Young Hover Feat. Pochano, Picador, JD Donzo and Luckay Buckay
7. Eleh Eleh - Tan Tan feat. DenG
8. Pot Boiling Remix - Xpolay feat. Liberian All Stars (Romeo Lead, JD Donzo, Takun
J, Bentman Tha Don, and Luckay Buckay)
9. Cool Yah Temper - David Mell Feat. Chiller Coolnanee, Shadow
10. I Go Cherish You - Benji Cavalli Feat. BabyEye

Nominees for Video Director of the Year
1. Dahai Gbaa - The Netherlands
2. Prince Joe - UK
3. Gee-Bee - Liberia
4. Pochano - Liberia
5. Chris Massaquoi Jr. - Liberia
6. Faya Bonah (5YA) -Liberia

Nominees for Producer of the Year
1. Rawlo - Liberia
2. JD Walker - USA
3. Beat Master -Liberia
4. Cornelius Wright (Bennie Ox) - Liberia
5. Just Prince - USA
6. Infectious Michael - Liberia
7. Samuel Morgan (Shadow) - Liberia
8. Lil Van – China

Nominees for DJ of the Year
1. DJ Chicago – China
2. DJ Chirpz - USA
3. DJ Wallace - USA
4. DJ Blackest 305 - Liberia
5. DJ Sky - Norway
6. DJ Reub - UK
7. DJ Mo - UK
8. Deejay Flexz – Australia

Nominees for Gospel Video of the Year
1. Una Do It Again - Bernice Blackie
2. Pour On Me - Tonia
3. Lord God Almighty - Ivan P
4. It's You Lord - Abraham S. Gibson Jr. (Bob Q)
5. Never Forget Jesus - Abraham S. Gibson Jr. (Bob Q)
6. Higher (The Re-Birth of Gospel Music) - Bernice Blackie

Nominees for Video of the Year - USA
1. Spend My Last Dime - Joe B
2. Celebration - Munnah
3. Number One - Jodi Feat. Bracket
4. Vow - Douk De Lib
5. International Girl - 2C
6. Shine Shine Baby - Styles Crew
7. West Africa - Munnah
8. Koloqwa Coupe - Saga AP
9. Ever Had A Dream - G-Rize
10. I Wanna Know - Co-Star
11. Stay Grinding - Rich Goone
12. I Go Cherish You - Benji Cavalli Feat BabyEye

Nominees for Video of the Year - Africa
1. Promise - DSP
2. One More Time - M'Press1Love
3. Tricky Papaye - Shadow
4. My Boo - Yokee Bleek
5. Song For Hawa - Takun J
6. Jue You Bad - Queen V Feat. Tan Tan, DenG
7. U Nah Do It Again - Bernice Blackie
8. Failed State - Pochano
9. Monrovia Style - DSP
10. Higher ( The Re-Birth of Gospel ) - Bernice Blackie
11. Pot Boiling Remix - Xpolay Ft. Liberian Allstars (Romeo Lead, JD Donzo, Takun
J, Bentman Tha Don, and Luckay Buckay)
12. Eleh Eleh - Tan Tan Feat. DenG

Nominees for Video of the Year UK/Europe
1. Esa Chica - Dahai
2. Azonto & Wine Master - Eben
3. Stranger in Kinshasa - Dahai Ft Papa Wemba

Nominees for Male Artist of the Year
1. Jon Bricks
2. Takun J
3. Jodi
4. DSP
5. Yokee Bleek
6. Raw Pekin
7. Tan Tan
8. Sundaygar DearBoy
9. David Mell
10. Mr. Smith LIB Money
11. Pitty D'Best
12. T Sweet

Nominees for Female Artist of the Year
1. Queen V
2. Bernice Blackie
3. Love Weah
4. Munnah
5. Perfect Stranger
6. Kanvee Adams
7. M'Press1Love
8. Sweetz
9. Alice Sheila Jones
10. Snoti
11. Butterfly

Nominees for Artist of the Year - Africa
1. Takun J - Liberia
2. David Mell - South Africa
3. Bright Man - Nigeria
4. Pochano - Liberia
5. Queen V - Liberia
6. Kanvee Adams - Liberia
7. Scientific - Ghana
8. Sundaygar Dearboy - Liberia
9. Bernice Blackie – Liberia

Nominees for Artist of the Year - USA
1. Jodi
2. 2C
3. Saga AP
4. Joe B
5. G-Rize
6. Glorious Lamps
7. Munnah
8. kNero
9. Yung Muse
10. Tru Storry
11. Rich Goone
12. Benji Cavali
13. Blacq Child

Nominees for Artist of the Year - UK/Europe
1. Dahai
2. Lyrical Watson (Dr. Watson)
3. Eben
4. Alice Sheila Jones
5. J Chris
6. Young Rap Fur

Nominees for Traditional Artist of the Year
1. Nimba Burr
2. Fatu Gayflor
3. Etta Smith
4. G-Man
5. Marie Nyenabo
6. Marvalous MC
7. Winston P. Karr
8. Mr. Henries IV
9. Tokay Tomah

Nominees for Gbema Artist of the Year
1. Friday the CellPhone Man
2. Sundaygar Dearboy
3. Fortune Jr.
4. Crafty K
5. Milk Man (New Max)
6. K-Zee
7. Karnyea Man
8. King Face

Nominees for Hipco Rapper of the Year
1. Lil Beshop
2. Jon Bricks
3. Killer Lu
4. Queen V
5. JD Donzo
6. Tru Storry
7. Colorful Will
8. Noy-Z
9. Mr. Smith LIB Money

Nominees for Hipco Artist of the Year
1. Takun J
2. Chiller Coolnanee
3. Raw Pekin
4. Young Hovor
5. Butterfly
6. Soul Fresh
7. School Boy Wizzy
8. Dyddy Cool
9. Xpolay
10. Luckay Buckay

Nominees for Afro Pop Artist of the Year
1. Joe B
2. D-12
3. Royal DeBusta Pain
4. Eben
5. Jodi
6. S-Man
7. King Face
8. Bene Volence (Bene Vee)
9. Pitty D'Best
10. G-Rize
11. Saga AP
12. Benji Cavali

Nominees for Afro Dance Song of the Year
1. Shine Shine Baby - Styles Crew - USA
2. Sheiki Shokoo Act 1 - Alfani Douki - USA
3. Koloqwa Coupe - Saga AP - USA
4. Desperate Chicks - Royal De Busta Pain - Liberia
5. Azonto and Wine - Eben Feat. Greg & Narrator - Norway
6. Forever Luv - G-Rize –USA

Nominees for Reggae Artist of the Year
1. A.B. Swaray
2. M'Press1love
3. Jah Rok
4. Nasseman
5. Santos
6. J.Younkonde

Nominees for New Artist of the Year
1. DenG
2. M'Press1love
3. Sweetz
4. Perfect Stranger
5. DSP
6. Shadow
7. Ill Phil
8. Quincy B
9. School Boy Wizzy
10. Karnyea Man
11. Sammie Love

Nominees for Gospel Artist/Group of the Year
1. Kanvee Adams
2. Abraham S. Gibson Jr. (Bob Q)
3. Wilta Harris
4. Eveine Kamara
5. Tonia Makor Peters
6. Olivia Seward
7. Ivan P
8. Alice Sheila Jones
9. Bernice Blackie
10. Glorious Lamps International

Nominees for R&B Artist of the Year
1. David Mell
2. Jaway
3. Sweetz
4. Efinxace
5. Munnah
6. Picador
7. Peter Cole
8. Perfect Stranger
9. Bryan Doe
10. Romeo Lead
11. Nate K
12. Joel

Nominees for Hip Hop Artist of the Year
1. CO.Z
2. 2C
3. Scientific
4. BabyEye
5. Pochano
6. Yung Muse
7. Tan Tan
8. Lyrical Watson (Dr. Watson)
9. KNero
10. 2ND Kinng

About Liberia Music Awards
The Liberia Music Awards Foundation and its owners are the sole owners of the names Liberia  Music Awards. Liberia Music Awards is registered and trademarked in Liberia. They are also the sole registered owners of the Liberia Music Awards in the United States of America. There is an ongoing registration process in the United Kingdom allowing the Foundation to stage the Liberia Music Awards in the near future with its Chairman Christabell Peters based in the United Kingdom.