• 'Nimba Will Pay'

    “As is to be expected, the government of Liberia will dutifully undertake a repair of the damaged roads and bridges, but the cost will be sourced from funds directly allocated for the development of Nimba County.” President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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  • ‘Injustice’

    Former Public Works Minister and advocate, Samuel Kofi Woods says Liberians are angry over the state of affairs in the country characterized by increasing poverty, high cost of living...

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    Jill Biden has made three trips to Africa since the Obama administration, with her husband, Joe at the helm came into office. But it is her most recent one that has many in Liberia buzzing.

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  • 'Delta Departing'

    Delta Airlines is poised to become the second major airline to suspend operations in Liberia, FrontPageAfrica has reliably learned. A recent FPA report breaking the departure of Air France from Liberia was validated last month..

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    And, according to the FPA newspaper (FrontPageAfricaonline, July 2, 2014), “Dual citizenship is one of the newest debates (has been and is for years) in Liberia as many Diaspora Liberians who gained foreign citizenship . . .


The Administration of the Paynesville City Corporation has been working to give the City a facelift in the midst of the numerous challenges and the ELWA Junction was a scene of attraction over the weekend as President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf cut the ribbon unveiling the beautification project at ELWA Junction.

The facelift by the Paynesville City Corporation and the construction of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) Pension complex have all given the gateway to the capital a new look. President Sirleaf praised, the Mayor of Paynesville for turning a vision into reality, adding that with more of such persons in Liberia the country will move forward.

President Sirleaf said "our government has a vision, we have the plan, short, medium and long term, but we cannot deliver unless all of those responsible are ready to implement those plans, here is an example of someone who demonstrated the commitment to turn over what was a difficult and hard situation into a work of art that will benefit all."

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf said the ELWA beautification project was a surprise adding the hard work by the mayor has turned a difficult situation into reality. President Sirleaf added, “she didn't really tell me what they were planning and doing. Today we see it and I want to commend her for this kind of initiative and creativity." President Sirleaf furthered that if every Liberian where getting things done and taking up initiative Liberia will not be at its current status.

"If all Liberians were to have this spirit of doing it, getting it done, taking initiative just think how far this country will be much, much further than we are today, we tell you and your staff a big thank you," Sirleaf added.

President Sirleaf urged, the Mayor of Paynesville to go beyond beautification of ELWA to other parts of the city. “The challenge is the Duport road junction now that you have started this beautification you cannot stop, people who get things done, the more they do, the more people ask of them”, President Sirleaf added.

Mayor recounts challenges

The Mayor of Paynesville Cyvette Gibson recalled, the challenges her administration faced to get the beautification project started.

"On august 24 2013 PCC began the clearing of ELWA junction to commence the rendering of the gateway to our nation, September 1, 2013 we had the ground breaking ceremony for this beautification project, we wrote helpless letter requesting support and only one Agency endorsed our vision NASSCORP," Mayor Gibson added.

Mayor Gibson said, the community involvement and cooperation played a major for PCC to achieve its goal. PCC Boss said, apart from the facelift given to ELWA junction, the project created employment for residents of ELWA and GSA road communities.

Mayor Gibson said, "The project created employment for resident in the ELWA and GSA communities, the community involvement and empowerment was essential to the achievement of this goal, most importantly, ownership as they transformed this junction." The Mayor said that the success of the project was a collective effort by the communities, business owners and PCC staffers.

"To NASSCORP your contribution in providing funding for this endeavor is highly appreciated, to our stakeholders at the ELWA junction thanks for endorsing the vision , we have received cooperation from LNP youth organization, Yana boys, pehn-pehn boys and market women”, Mayor Gibson asserted. She furthered that appearance of the municipality reflects the dream and aspirations of the ordinary people of Paynesville.

“ELWA junction is the gateway to our nation's capital, the appearance of the municipality reflects the dream and aspiration of our citizens as we move forward to structure this city” the Paynesville Mayor said.

Mayor Gibson thanked, the people of Paynesville and employees of PCC for being far sighted in allowing development to take place in the city. “I thank you [PCC staffers] for your dedication it has extended beyond employment expectation”.