Water & Sewer To Supply 16 Million Gallons To Monrovia Daily


Monrovia – Sixteen million gallons of water will be supplied to the city of Monrovia beginning December, says Hun-Bu Tulay, Managing Director of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information regular press briefing on Thursday, the LWSC Managing Director said with the commitment from donors through a feasibility study, there is an ongoing operation to increase the supply of water to the city of Monrovia.

“The ADB was the first, they said ok we’ll give you thirty million dollars and that thirty million dollars is to rehabilitate the water treatment plant to prewar capacity and that project is ongoing. It will be completed by December of this year. “

“If that happens, our supply capacity will go from 4.5 million to 16 million gallons of water a day in Monrovia. And what that means is that 70 percent of the population of Monrovia will have access to safe drinking water,” the LWSC Managing Director explained.

He said the LWSC is concluding the design for the construction of the exposure of ground water potential for Monrovia. He said it is located in the Soul Clinic Community and Gardnerville, mentioning that the only source of water to Monrovia is in White Plains.

Following resumption of water supply to Kakata in 2009 and Zwedru in 2010, a project funded by the LWSC, the Managing Director said the African Development Bank was impressed and was able to help the corporation to increase the water supply in the two cities.

“The ADB saw it as a good step forward; they said ok we will come in and spent—because the city has expanded—and they said we will come here and expand the water supplies in these cities. And we are definitely doing that and that project is ongoing; it will be completed by June of this year,” Tulay disclosed.

The LWSC Managing Director continued: “Under the USAID program, we are doing three cities, Robertsports, Voinjama and Sanniquellie. The project has being signed, the site has been turned over to the contractors and within the next eight months, pine bore water will be supplied in these three cities. In addition, we have completed feasibility studies for Greenville, Harper and Gbarnga and we are looking for money…”