UNMIL Boss Encourages Young Liberians At Observance of International Youth Day


Monrovia – The Deputy Chief for Peace and Consolidation Services of UNMIL has underscored the need for Liberia’s youth to ensure peace and security becomes the hallmark for prosperity.

Report by Edwin Genoway, Jr [email protected]

Christopher John Lewis said youth must take the vision of what they want the country to be, and that violence is never an option for resolving issues.

Christopher John Lewis said that ensuring peace and security is vital for economic growth and prosperity in post war Liberia.

He made the disclosure at the official launch of the Youth and Elections Project and programs marking the celebration of 2017 International Youth Day.

He noted that Liberia’s young population of 60 percent demonstrates the need for more attention to be given to the young generation, including career development, requisite skills and knowledge and opportunities.

Despite the restoration of peace, the country is believed to be a fragile state and the need to uphold the peace cannot be overemphasized as Liberians go to elections within 52 days’ time.

Mr. Lewis explained that the role of the youth is instrumental in the forthcoming general and Presidential elections.

He noted the SDGs cannot be achieved without a progressive policy which will lead to change for young people.

He stated that young people can foster good governance by sustaining the peace and the success of Liberia’s elections will demonstrate how far the country has reach in post war reconstruction and development.

He called on young people to organized themselves by taking charge of existing opportunities including being volunteers, working within their communities and to be active in politics.

Young people, he indicated can help to overcome difficulties through innovative ideas which will bring about change.

Young people, Lewis added must be progressive in the way politics is articulated in the country. He pointed out opposing views within communities should be resolved peacefully and not with violence.

Mr. Lewis expressed the need for good and strong guidance to be given to the young people by politicians, elders and leaders; something he said will help young people take responsibility.

He emphasized the need for investment in education and health care for Liberian people.

He furthered that people must have access to good service delivery systems and the county service center must be improve to ensure people have access as part of good governance.

Also, he noted that assessments conducted reveals that Liberians are tired with war and that the government must be decentralized through the local governance act for the consolidation of peace.

For his part, UNDP Country Director Pa Lamin Beyai said most youth do not have the enabling environment to fully harness their potential.

According to him, the UNDP was concerned about the development deficit, which has made Africa unattractive to its youth, thereby forcing some of them to undertake dangerous trips in search of the elusive ‘so-called’ greener pastures.

Ms. Nicole Weeks of NAYMOTE said that young people have lost trust in their leaders, adding that youth participation in governance is the model of sustainable peace.

She challenged young people to rethink, adding that they should be careful who to elect because the time for young people to achieve their full potential is now.