Top Liberian Radio Station Says Government Jamming Frequency


Monrovia – The management of Voice FM which broadcast the Henry Costa Morning Show, one of Liberia’s most-listened to radio talk shows has accused the Liberian Government of jamming its frequency due to its critical stance against the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf-led government.

“Listeners continue to experience interruptions during the FM station usual morning-hours phone-in talk show”, says Henry Costa, one of the hosts of the program. Mr. Costa in a statement indicated that since the station was established it has been experiencing jamming of its frequency.

“Since we established Voice FM 102.7 back in March 2014, the Liberian Government has never rested in its efforts to have us shut down, not because we don’t have the legitimate documentations to operate, but because of our critical stance on issues of national importance”, said Costa.

According to Costa having failed in what he is terming as their sinister attempts to do it overtly, the government has resorted to using a covert and clandestine means to do so. Added Costa: “Months into our broadcast, we began to experience interference with our transmission by the playing of music on our assigned frequency of 102.7, especially during the period when The Costa Show is on air”.

The talk show host further explained: “They would put their equipment on usually at about 7:00 am every week day morning so that by the time the show comes on at 7:30 am, many of our listeners, particularly in the central Monrovia area and Sinkor corridor, would find themselves listening to non-stop music on our frequency, with no announcer interrupting speaking at all.

We have thoroughly investigated and concluded without doubt, that this illegal muscling of our right to free speech is being hindered by the National Security Agency, run by President Sirleaf’s stepson, Fomba Sirleaf.

“We also have reason to believe its being done with the full knowledge and acquiescence of the President herself”. Costa has in the past encountered problems with the Government where he has been arrested and put to jail on more than one occasion.